The prime minister is on her feet at Chatham House in London. She begins by running through some of the momentous societal changes she has seen in “a lifetime in politics”.

In her final major speech as prime minister, Theresa May says she sees “grounds for serious concern” about politics in the UK and around the world

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49 thoughts on “Theresa May’s last big speech as PM – BBC News

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  2. THAnk goodness this is the last time we have to watch & listen to Bag Puss =dont forget to tell them that you signed up to the EU dictate on Unifying the price of energy to come in 2021 hence the deal to link the French grid to ours so the EU can charge us their coming new rates
    = massive price hikes .
    The linked energy grid has been in linked since the 70s but is worn out hence they relaid it

  3. She looks better now she is leaving the PM post…like a huge weight has been lifted they wan't your blood .. Good luck my dear you tried your best 💋

  4. I dont give a damn about her political career but i do give a damn about her way how to speak cus it is splendid i can listen her like non stop !

  5. Behold, the worse prime minister in history. Although she has wasted 3 years of crucial time capitulating, lying and virtue signalling, the damage shes caused during her premiership could of been so much worse. Its shakes me to the core at just what damage she could have caused if she got things her way, or rather the EU's way. There really aren't words in the English dictionary that I could best use to describe her nor of how I've felt since shes been in office over the years. Truly a despicable, treacherous, belly to the ground, bottom feeding slime of a woman. When her time is up, I will be sure to visit her grave. However, I fear her grave will be an unmarked one.

  6. Please go please go please go please..oh shit she's called a Cobra meeting!!!,talk about hanging on🙄🙄,two days left Mrs Witchy,bye bye 👋👋.

  7. Thank God she is out – another witch after T. Forced adoption and psychodrama. God will repay her as in many ways he did with T (never has heart of man had less time or space for anyone after Hitler but for T).

  8. The international community, please help HONG KONG~
    See how the triad society in Hong Kong cooperated with the police force, this is state terrorism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RXzfT1aMNU&feature=youtu.be

  9. As an american I adamantly beg Great Britain to not look up to us and to choose a course for yourself. With the election of the Buffoon in the White house it's clear america is no longer a shining city on the hill, we are a terrible example to the rest of the world- you should not heed our direction.

  10. What a hypocrite speech…she has such speech being a traitor unable to act for the interest of her own country…unbelievable, hopefully for British people B.Jonhson will be elected, then British people choice will be respected…BREXIT to get out of this UE dictature

  11. Please do some real jpurnalism BBC. For those who care about the truth search "Brexit Party MP worked for Cambridge Analytica". Actual investigative journalism still exists and can be found on Channel 4.

  12. hi Talking about making this country a better place the best thing we could do is to get rid of the BBC because it's costing this country billions in TV licences

  13. Freedom of thought???? So that's why Julian Assange was arrested, imprisoned, and is going to be extradited to Trump's USA? Sounds more like a Dystopian Orwellian nightmare to me! Bring on the facial recognition software maestro pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!! Drum roll!!!!! Now a just a quick word about the four journalists arrested in Northern Ireland for exposing crimes by the security forces during the Troubles! Pass the sick bag vicar as I think that I am going to vomit! Buuuughhhh!!!!!!!! Ah! That's better!

  14. Endurance of freedom of speech , she’s living in a different reality than most of us , when you get taken to court for calling a politician a nazi doesn’t scream freedom of speech to me , she needs to get into the real world not the fake Orwellian state she’s living in , all lies

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