Theresa May – SNL

Theresa May (Kate McKinnon) dreams of a better life as Brexit looms on the horizon.

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  1. 27newyorker says:

    Just remembered that we won’t get Kate as Theresa anymore. Since Boris is now in charge

  2. Mia Robets says:

    Who is it singing

  3. Disney Lover640 says:

    Theresa may is a victim of bullying from the entire house of parliament as her idea of brexit would make them all less money. They chose money over country.

  4. Stacy Triplett says:

    That kiss was…..kinda hot? Disturbingly?

  5. Nick Thorp says:

    Would Kate McKinnon care to be our PM?

  6. Nick Thorp says:

    Who in the US will do Boris Johnson?

  7. wassabihut !! says:

    she used to be mine..? what a weird cameo lol

  8. LT F says:

    Am I the only one who loved the Churchill-May kissing scene?

  9. Lilyanna Travaglia says:

    She sings about Theresa May

  10. Lilyanna Travaglia says:

    Sara bareilles did a great song

  11. Nick Wrathall says:

    Looks more like Nicola Sturgeon?!

  12. PXR05 says:

    June marks the end of May

  13. Ash Mukherjee says:

    No cut to wheat fields on key change with TM running through them? I am disappointed.

  14. Parker Wertz says:

    I love this clip. It’s such an astute take on Britain. And I love Ms May. She gave it her best shot after the Oxford Union idiots made a f*cking mess of things.

  15. matt spice says:

    Theresa gets alot of shit . but she got the shitist job at the shitist time . uk is like a ship heading for land without a chance to stop captain jumps over board and then Theresa is left to be acting captain . oyu have to feel bad for her

  16. Clodagh Q says:


  17. jess lewis ward says:

    ahaha so many british stereotypes makes me giggle

  18. Micky Jay says:

    I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad for here here! I know Theresa May has screwed things up but, her back stabbing and idiotic so called colleagues, are equally to blame – I can’t help but admire her toughness! Honestly I don’t think anyone would of made a good job of Brexit. Source: UK voter 🇬🇧

  19. Paul G says:

    Kit looks like Marlon Brando in his later years

  20. Makaio ! says:

    First time I've ever felt sorry for Teressa may, but in fall fairness she deserves it all

  21. Kolby N says:

    This is such a nice song lmao

  22. paul557104 says:

    She had a very hard job

  23. Chello Taravella says:

    If only this had a Margaret Thatcher reference. Still a good skit nonetheless and I feel bad for what May had to go through.

  24. Ryan Massie says:

    UK in 2018, where the LibDems are somehow popular again because of this mess.

  25. Kelseypaige says:

    fun fact: shes type one diabetic, and stress effects bloodsugars 🙂

  26. Welshy says:

    2:40 she just swore at Sara! Ps that gesture is swearing here

  27. Micheal Sean O'Dubhghaill says:

    A very strange take on the Brexit situation in the UK, but in my book Ms McKinnon can do no wrong.

  28. Bethany W says:

    The video I never knew I needed in my life 😂

  29. Itsafreecountry says:

    As a Brit I really don’t find this funny especially coming from a nation as backward as the USA

  30. baegel. says:

    No one's talking about the song from waitress?

  31. Nana Adusei says:

    This makes me uncomfortable to this day

  32. Hope says:

    1 month later she’s resigned

  33. Mike Gill says:

    Kit Harington's life role – Churchill in this skit. 🙂

  34. Megan Brimble says:

    oh well she’s resigned now I think we need an update

  35. Ashley Mazanhi says:

    Theresa may… You'll get 'em next time🤔

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