Theresa May on the brink as Cabinet turns on her

It’s not often that MPs demand the resignation of their party leader and Prime Minister on the eve of a national election. (Subscribe:

But furious Conservative backbenchers are in open revolt against Theresa May today over her proposal to give parliament a vote on another referendum in the Brexit withdrawal bill. A string of MPs have called on her to quit immediately. She might have heard a similar message from members of her cabinet if she hadn’t refused to meet a number of them this afternoon.


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  1. Baron von Limbourgh says:

    What a bunch of liars. Straight faced bullshitters on national tv for whole the world to see.
    You have to wonder how these people sleep at night, selling out like that. Imagine that to be your mom or father doing that to your families reputation. i wouldn't be able to look them in the eyes anymore.

  2. Clive Homer says:

    There all back stabbing not one conservative can be trusted there finished

  3. Charlie Farnz Barnz says:


  4. Bruno Brizzi says:

    Why nobody ask Farage and jacob about their off shore account on the island of man and a Caribbean island.?
    Farage is an educated thug.
    Jacob…a snob YOUNG old man.
    Be well you.all.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  5. CrimeAndFury says:

    When the ugly women show up, you know channel 4 is nearby.

  6. MinnesotaSlims says:

    Tice and Brexit have no plan, no answers. Just the same tired lies and talking points as before. UK morons still lapping it up. Sad.

  7. Adam Smith. says:

    When May becomes November 🙂


    SO YOUR SAYING? herp derp

  9. pat Bosher says:

    The satisfaction of seeing may near tears is emmense.. 😊

  10. yeti goosecreature says:

    Remainer May's obstinacy was her downfall. Close alignment with the EU was always her driving force, regardless of what she said and what the people voted for. The EU referendum was a binary choice which May then turned into a multiple choice exam that nobody could pass. As May confused leadership with intransigence, it was never going to end well. Meanwhile, CH4's smear campaign of The Brexit Party is rife – has it given out milkshake vouchers to its journo's yet?

  11. Rkucins says:

    Absolute bullocks. British Steel would have to pay for the emission permits THEY HAVE sold to someone. The guy is lying. LYING

  12. Ronald Boers says:

    Another journalist showing her communist symphaties.

  13. tim hem says:

    The trouble with May was that she always had far more confidence in herself than her talents warranted

  14. jeanie ling says:

    Thank you Richard Tice.

  15. iamplay says:

    its all a big joke the people of the UK voted to.leave the EU

    you can do deals after that you incompetent corrupted parliement officials

  16. eagle345968 says:

    great team NOT –

  17. eagle345968 says:

    No squabbling now

  18. Albert Pike says:


    2448 INJURIES



    12107 ARRESTS



  19. Hiden Truth says:

    What about The Third Temple rebuilding ? In Notre Dame-Paris or in Westminster London, anyplace anywhere in Eupore !

  20. R R says:

    The biased, dumb, leftwing interviewer is a disgrace.

  21. cryptoskygreen7 says:

    Karma has caught up with lying May & I bet she was not crying when she put millions in poverty-the rise of foodbanks & the rise of homelessness.I don't feel sorry for her & she was still lying in her statement,she will go down as the worst PM along with Cameron in the modern era.Also the scandals when she had vans going round London telling foreigners to go back home & the Windrush scandal where people came from Jamaica in the 1960s to work & she deported back their offspring. after 40-50 years losing everything going to a country they dont know..To be honest the list is endless.

  22. Luke Askew says:

    This isn't the first time I've heard this; That an FTA agreement was offered and she slapped it away. Odd everytime its mentioned the BBC presenter quickly wants to move on. Check out
    They keep suppressing this stuff.

  23. David Blacketer says:

    Like trying to talk to me Missus innit

  24. Vicki Takacs says:

    May should be in prison, NOT Assange.

  25. Robin Phillips says:


  26. Mrs. Edna Welthorpe says:


  27. Mrs. Edna Welthorpe says:

    Your analysis is wrong. We know our media is biased towards remain. Our political shows have hardly any leavers on it.

  28. Savi Dass says:

    No Breixt

  29. CottonFly says:

    This fucking woman is going to cause the entire UK a world of trouble. She needs to be thrown in a dark dungeon and forgotten about.

  30. TDS says:

    They can’t stop coming out with bullshit we have had 3 years of this 🇬🇧

  31. Olek twBolek says:

    3 years wasted bowing to 'european' fat cats and saying that her agreement was the best! It wasn't agreement, it was an ultimatum tried to be forced on a country which has the guts to say enough is enough.

  32. Jason Woods says:

    'The prime ministers regular meetings with the queen '
    Wake up people ! Parliament corrupt right from the beginning because it was established as a scapegoat for the Royals ! And in return politicians receive ' free ' monies for doing next to nothing…

  33. 3245james says:

    Why is Cathy newman there? I thought she got sacked after that interview with Jordan peterson. That woman has some seriously disgusting behavior.

  34. smiley says:

    Why do I feel like having lobster tonight.

  35. Paul O Callaghan says:

    Another traitor it was all planned wit Europe to get another vote to keep the UK. in Europe .when will we wake up.these bastards are all for themselves .

  36. Louise Isabel Farmer Evans Sweet says:

    Thank you dearly for your respectful dedication.

  37. Ruby G Edwards says:

    The history of politics everywhere in the world repeats itself with the same story line just a different cast. Because those who control the backstory control the script and the actors you are made to think you "elect." Just a game they only understand know and enjoy.

  38. Lisa O'Reilly says:

    These toffs ffs, not one of them has a clue, supercilious, greedy, self-serving, entitled, lunatics are running the asylum, they all need taking down, every last one of them.

  39. Chis English says:

    Remember that game from the 80's? Yeah you remember, the one with the gun and the big plastic spider? Yeah you remember you're ok.

  40. Jon Dough says:

    Interview lol they are capping their pants cannot wait until the General election

  41. vinto34 says:

    Eventually the toilets get cleaned…may is the dirty bowel that needs cleaning.

  42. Pauline Hunter says:

    All the same lining their own pockets while our countries funds are being giving to Europe 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  43. Swift Cee says:

    The cabinet turns on her?
    The whole country is against her…….
    This is what it looks like when we have a PM who is more concerned with protecting the Jimmy Savilles of the world instead of doing the job she is supposed to do….. NWO puppet trying her best to bluff democracy…..Compliments of Mr Wonka. 😉

  44. America 81 says:

    Hello from TEXAS U.S.A 🇺🇸, IF the UK 🇬🇧 is smart Make UK Great Again like never before 😎 !!!!!!

  45. Pauline Hunter says:

    Tories out

  46. Wilhelm Hesse says:

    The poor lady was made a scape goat by her MPs both from the left and the right of the CP. Managing something like Brexit is one of the most difficult tasks anyone could take on and it's impossible to get what anyone thinks is a fair deal. Sad to see her resign and sad to see her break down.

  47. SlavaStev1 says:

    Why is this idiot of a prime minister still a prime minister and how long before people realize that she is a EU puppet?????

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