The Walking Dead May Be Ending In Season 12

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NME Article:


The Walking Dead Season 10 Mid Season Finale:

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  1. novasix 666 says:

    Let's hope so

  2. rezaka116 says:

    I thought it was recently renewed for season 13?

  3. Adam Jensen says:

    I hope it ends better than Game of thrones

  4. Park Jimin says:

    Hmmm…I don't think so. I think TWD can still live on for a few more seasons til 15-20 I think. It just got good thanks to Angela so why end it so soon.

  5. Mike Hunt says:

    I think Judith let Negan out.

  6. Ice_Wolf 0934 says:

    They better not 😭💔

  7. J Dub says:

    I still watch only because I've been watching since the beginning. IMO it died when they killed off Carl! Then to really top it off they just killed the guy that caused Carl to die….meh kinda dumb

  8. Russell Rogers says:

    Good comic had an ok ending seemed kinda rushed. The shows gone downhill

  9. josh congioloso says:

    Hell no they need to keep making damn seasons lol

  10. Bryson Taylor says:

    I hope in the last episode as old rick lays in his bed dying reminiscing about all he over came to rebuild the world, he looks at judith and his grandkids and takes his last breath. As he fades out theres a bright light and rick wakes up in the hospital to shane and lori sitting beside his bed and he realizes it as the audience does that it was all in fact a dream.

  11. Tiny Rick says:

    I would be very okay with 14 Solid seasons

  12. Mark Harrison says:

    Maybe the reports made it out there so the production company can feel out the public reaction

  13. Campaign Thomas says:

    This show has been in a steady decline for 4 and half seasons. An end goal should’ve been in mind. Shows that go past 7 seasons usually are shit after that

  14. Chrome_Msrt says:

    I'm happy with 12 being the end. No reason to drag it out. Its been a good run.

  15. Pinny Brio says:

    “We got this covered” is far from a trustworthy source.

  16. Bev Roberts says:

    TWD is the best hour of TV every week that it is on…do Not want it to end in Season 12! Fear sucks and the new show about kids…not something that interests me (although I will watch it and hope it will be better that I think). I though Gimple told us sometime during Season 9 that the movie with Rick would be showing in 2020…???

  17. Derek Dubz2434 says:

    Watched from beginning. I always follow a series through but couldn't with this last season. Bad writing directing and most importantly continuity issues. The main crew should had better more epic send off . Beyond anti climatic. Recycled storylines. Think they can co exist with psychopaths then realize they can't.

  18. bassboy419 says:

    Probably a dumb question but what is the "third" show? ANYONE!!??

  19. Jack Hynes says:

    What the hell happened to the rest of your videos???

  20. Matteo Clementi says:

    I just hope not.

  21. Skull Greymon says:

    Scott destroys this show since ages

  22. JoyceGA says:

    I think the main characters are just in contract renegotiations. The normal rumors. I think Fear will merge in TWD or new Monument series. But TWD will be the last show standing.

  23. Game of Life says:

    After the common wealth are defeated it's a wrap for sure.

  24. Game of Life says:

    All good things must come to ans end. 😐

  25. B Kipp says:

    That would be a shame if it's true because Angela Kang has done an amazing job of rehabbing this series.

  26. Inge Vem says:

    Before it ends they need to find that helicopter

  27. Cryptati0n says:

    they need to end it after the whisperer arc. and they need to shut down that sorry excuse for a show ftwd and bring morgan and dwight back to the main show for a solid final season or 2.

  28. Johnny Szky says:

    Morgan is Dead in FTWD so stupid … how will Rick know that he's Dead so sad …

  29. Johnny Szky says:

    Season 12 Ends Waiting in February again bye ….

  30. Jennifer Rhoades says:

    I wish they would decide, on their terms, when it ends and leave on the highest note. I'm so tired of shows ending in a tepid whimper because it's singularly about money and they keep a show on life support just because they can still eke some money from it. I'd always hoped that they would send scouts into DC or around the Annapolis at the naval base in an attempt to find more answers or at least harvest more tech supplies. There is so much they could still do but I do think it would be better in movie format.

  31. TheZanderman says:

    I hope it doesn’t end in S12 I really want to see what original material they come up with

  32. Jb Cards says:

    They should end it instead of dragging it out

  33. Andrew Alfaro says:

    All good things must come to an end. ✊

  34. Guitar Guy says:

    The viewership has gone down say they dropped a little bit ..they have lost a shit ton of viewers

  35. Nick Croce says:

    Good. It’s run its course honestly.

  36. PloKonApe says:

    Raitings is dropping every season, and the original cast members will most likely do something else in the future. I hope season 12 is the last one so long the older cast is on it

  37. Rick Mccord says:

    I enjoy watching the Walking Dead and have since the first show but I will not pay to see a TWD movie! I would watch if it was a TV movie or on Netflix but again will not pay to see the movies!

  38. Debbie Cheeseman says:

    As much as i love TWD i really want to know what caused the outbreak and whether there is a cure. Im an avid fan but i feel we need to know xx

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