The Virtual Reality King Is Here – No Man’s Sky VR Review

No Mans Sky’s Beyond update has FINALLY hit our PCs, and along with it the much dreamed about VR. The seemingly perfect virtual reality game – a chill endless galaxy to explore with friends is finally here. We dive deep into no mans sky beyond and the no man sky vr component. this nms vr review will cover no mans sky vr impressions, give nms vr quest gameplay and showcase/critique no mans sky vr. No mans sky 2019 update is so huge this review cannot cover everything, so consider subscribing for move coverage!

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  1. Jason Roos says:

    Best way to play this game in VR is seated, facing straight-foward, and using the DualShock. Standing, walking, and waving my arms around for hours is not my idea of fun. The PSVR port is perfect.

  2. Bradley Warren says:

    I personally hate snap turning and teleport movement (with the exception of trover ofc) I find if I can't play and feel I have atleast control equal to that of my standard non vr play then I won't play the game in vr.
    No man's sky is great for this! It allows me to use smooth movement while also switching between motion controls for ships and exocrafts then back to my dualshock for running around and jetpacking. (I play seated due to a recent fall injury so i just set the extra controllers in my lap.)

  3. Gamma Smash says:

    I'm really debating on whether to get this next week(playing on the Slim.) I'm worried that I won't enjoy this style of gameplay more than anything else. I've never played Minecraft, can't seem to get into Borderlands VR at all, but love Skyrim VR. The thought of exploring a huge universe is intriguing though. I'm especially interested in the underwater exploration. I'm torn I tell ya.Torn like an old sweater.

  4. tyler poe says:

    Nice video! Really enjoying VR with NMS and I actually haven’t had a motion sickness issue with the jet pack yet.

    The good thing is Hello Games does a great job in releasing hotfixes after launches which have been historically quite buggy. Being that this is their first VR offering, it might take them a little longer to get everything ironed out, but based on their history, I have no doubts they will.

  5. Samuel Jones says:


  6. Camiel Yang says:

    What vr is already out, holy shit I can imagine how great this can be.

  7. Romeo615Videos says:

    im enjoying the htc vive vr…got to get used to the controls but i like it

  8. 4holePatriot says:

    I understand where you are coming from, however, I don't get motion sickness from it whatsoever, the jet pack works well, (for me) I would rather them not change it too much, I hope they can find some kind of a reasonable solution for those with motion sickness. Like some kind of option that you can change in settings.

  9. Pseudo Soul says:

    I only had 30 minutes to play before going to work but yes, this game in VR is awesome.

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