The Top TikTok Hits on Verified | Verified

TikTok has taken the music industry by storm. Since merging with in August 2018, the social media video app has become a breeding ground for the latest viral hits. In this video, Genius counts down the top Verified episodes interviewing artists whose songs have gone viral on TikTok.

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  1. Lizbeth Sanchez says:

    2:50❤😍 i rlly love him and hes songs❤

  2. Nathan says:

    Nas x wasn’t a Tiktok hit

  3. Tik Tok says:

    For Calboys envy me it said it was released December 15 2019. Uhh. In the future

  4. Lorena Rey says:

    How come the best are now the tik tok 15 seconds songs?

  5. Roque Lithiea says:

    i love 💕 everyone and tik tokkkkkkkkk

  6. Expatrocious says:

    The guy with the cup is awesome he needs to make more songs

  7. Danielle princess says:

    luh kel and lil nas was trynna be loud so they can hide that auto tune lol

  8. I am Dodo says:

    0:11 looks like a 13 year old who still didn’t hit puberty so used a sharpie to draw facial hair

  9. Big Cin says:

    “You not finna fest me” hahaahhaa

  10. King of the Lizards says:

    2:08 bruh- where did he go

  11. Selfless Simmer says:

    1:26 he looks like that kid from Kickin It

  12. Hayden Ryba says:

    Bro it just me or does the guy on 2:18 look and sound like Lester from gta😂

  13. Øιivε ιøvε says:

    Lmao ami the only one who sang to all of these

  14. Lissette Almazan says:

    They need bad guy on their

  15. Lil Zeffrey OfficialMusic says:

    Kyle is the goat

  16. Devyn 78 says:

    The guy at 2:17 reminds me of Dwight from the office like the face and glasses

  17. Ana Lucia Oliveira says:

    i only knew lalala omg

  18. Summer F says:

    Was I the only one dancing while they saying the lyrics😂😭💀?

  19. Sarah Stumph says:

    Dwight?!? The getto/tik tok version. 😂😂😂

  20. Chocolxte_ Bübble_Teã says:

    3:10 she did the 🖕🏼

  21. Xavier rose 200 says:

    Ayy is it me or do i see december 15 2019 on calboy

  22. Iliana Marban says:

    Tik tok is the only reason why all these songs are good and famous

  23. TRDCh33ksY T says:

    Sounds like lil nas x is YELLING

  24. Israel Pedraza says:

    Everybody *Doesn't try so hard to sing
    2:23 Is the only one trying to sing

  25. chicken stripper says:

    Why are rappers always so ugly especially the white ones

  26. Owen Games says:

    On number 7 he has a a pink hat then it switches to a blue hat like what

  27. Acosta Esq. says:

    I did almost all these songs on tiktok ;-;

  28. Ian Vue says:

    3:05 irrelevance has peaked

  29. castle swimmer’s really good read it on webtoon says:

    2:07 kid really went ‘👨🏾➡️👨🏼’

  30. Loron P says:

    Me:Wheres freddie dredd

  31. Birdie McConnell says:

    I died laughing bc I have a bear claw tattoo 😂

  32. dowoxns says:

    People really don’t know how to write music anymore and companies just let anyone become famous now damn

    Edit: Luh Kel ain’t that bad

  33. Amandadon Osaurus says:

    Who the fuck wears a fucking military grade vest as clothing

  34. ElDork AWEBO says:


  35. Paranormal Banana says:

    they all look like created characters from PUBG

  36. Sari says:

    Whee LUH KEL who wrote "wrong" and "LIL NAS X" are like the only people who can actually sing, like wtf

  37. Your Forebear says:

    Where is Lizzo

  38. XxPurplepickle xX says:

    I think flo milli voice is nice without autotune honestly

  39. Teagan-Rose Osborne says:

    boy boy west coast was so nice wtf

  40. Hailey Kay says:

    Luh Kel so cute🥺💞🤰🏻

  41. brianna says:

    me getting ready to exit the video whilst watch the uno dos tres guy

    luh kel: girl ma mood change when you walk thru da door

    me: girl heyyy

  42. GetQd Minecraft says:

    2:07 Ok this song good
    2:12 Gives a lesson about trapping

  43. ღItza- gachaღ says:

    Omg LIL NAS X 😆

  44. chloe says:

    2:11 dwight schrute, is that you?

  45. No X says:

    Lol stupid singers.. None of them have meaningful lyrics all of them talk about sex drugs.. Americas singers and rappers lol

  46. Jonas Digranes says:

    Lalala and old Town road are far Beyond tik tok hits now

  47. Proxy’v Lor says:


    Looking like a gta character

  48. buttcake says:

    is it true that tiktok sometimes helps careers?

  49. bonkers _ says:

    Calboy fake

    Hold my autotune

  50. Milana Crespo says:

    tbh i heard all these songs off of dubsmash

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