The Things Dr Bright is not allowed to do at the SCP Foundation – joke tale

The Things Doctor bright is not allowed to at the SCP Foundation” reading list! Lots of pop culture references, meta SCP coverage, memes, and lots more about this Doctor Jack Bright fellow! Enjoy and have a good laugh at this silly joke SCP reading of this list from the SCP Foundation wiki!

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SCP reading video created by Eastside Steve of The Eastside Show!
Read from the SCP Foundation Wiki –
Read along with me here –
Written by multiple authors

Intro and Outro music – “Evening Fall (Piano)” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Meatball parade by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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  1. Eastside Show SCP says:

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  2. MadOtaku #368 says:


  3. Stirrcrazy says:

    I like how a functional playdoh mech was considered "an annoyance", also I'm pretty sure I've done some of these.

  4. RoundBoi_i says:

    Stop with the scp porn

  5. BLuecoLLarcanuck says:

    "Nothing at the Foundation is rated 'Over 9000!!' " 😀

    "Fuck Death, War, Famine and Pestilence – we've got Clef, Gears, Kondraki, and Bright!" XD

  6. BLuecoLLarcanuck says:

    Dr. Bright is NOT allowed to give D-class a handful of antibiotics and encourage them to get it on with 811, then film the results and try to sell it as SCP porn.

  7. Michael Ivy says:

    I lost my mind at "There is no ethics committee. And even if there was, does anyone believe Dr. Bright would be on it?"

  8. idiot sandwich says:

    Yo mama's so ugly, dr bright wouldn't even watch her sex tape

  9. Eastside Show SCP says:

    If you wish to help with subtitles and / or translations with this video please click the link provided!

  10. Alastair Corsair says:


  11. Morticia Mourning says:

    If scp-053 was friendly it would be my friend the fan art is actually more cuter than the actual SCP in the game

  12. JimXInfinity13 says:

    Dr Bright is not allowed to use 079 to delete or edit this video

  13. shadow raiden23 says:

    …. Why hasn't the 05… Nvm … Bright your a major butt hole… – face palms –

  14. Tony Roesler says:

    With all he isn't allowed to do it makes me wonder what he specific field is.

  15. Christopher Clown says:

    I don't care what anybody says, I'd always scream "OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED KENNY!" were I to witness the expiration of any of Doctor Bright's host bodies.
    Doctor Clown

  16. Dildis Mc_swaggins says:

    The scarier list is… What can Dr. Bright do

  17. Emmanuel Otamendi says:

    dude I'm in the middle of a mind numbing uni project and this vid is keeping me sane

  18. ジャック・ブライト says:


  19. ned-418 says:

    Mother of god Dr. bright. Can you avoid doing crazy s–t for a minute!😵

  20. TinyFoxTom says:

    The King James version of the Necronomicon made me lart. What's larting? Think Brent Spiner in Master of Disguise.

  21. Grimm troupemaster says:

    Ok so we know what doctor bright is not allowed to do but that leaves the question. What is doctor bright allowed to do?

  22. Hidden Desire says:

    I still wish we could access the original. Just doesn’t feel the same.

    Would it be possible to post the original on say dailymotion or something for those who want the proper wackiness of Dr. Bright rather than the watered down version?

  23. David Miller says:

    Lol 37:55

  24. David Miller says:


  25. F.B.I says:

    What the hell did Dr bright call us

  26. Rick Mattison says:

    You did this before, but it's has better quality. Props!

  27. Starman Dx says:

    I'd like to purchase some anomalous pornography please. Here's my MCD business credit card.

  28. Mathew Weakley says:

    So, let's not ignore that this man aquires souls, memories, blood, and so on.
    Maybe it's a super paranoid scp who started the foundation to study and contain things like it?

  29. Typicality says:

    I just imagine Dr.Bright beating the everloving shit out of a random D-Class while shouting "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE ANAKIN" all while the D-Class is confused and scared.

  30. leslie clanton says:

    Ok the last 2 were funny. This one is hilarious! Thanks Agent East Side.

  31. Lucas Alonso Esgaravati says:

    Dr Bright sounds like a cool dude.

  32. Exile_Sky says:

    I do not appreciate you making a joke of Dr. Bright's antics. He is a serious security threat when encouraged and these lists treated in a jovial fashion only encourage him. Please stop.

  33. Alex Arriaga says:

    He’s both vital to the foundation and a pain in their ass

  34. Buter assassin1 says:

    I consider these more or less cannon

  35. hazmat unit says:

    Why does Dr bright keep abusing SCP 2588

  36. Hopeless God says:

    unsubscribed you videos have seriously lost quality the new "art" is horrible not just bad but so cringe that I can't even believe you post it and now you're not even bothering to come up with new content I loved your channel what happened bro if you read this that wasn't a rhetorical question really what happened it seems like you just dont like doing this anymore

  37. Jacob Freeman says:

    Is it me or did the list get longer since the last time you did a reading, Steve?

  38. chaos120m says:

    Dr. Bright is my hero.

  39. cooley says:

    yea DO go to the Renascence fair in this state. its amazing. im texan btw, and yes…i have been to it

  40. StaticXYouth says:

    Sound like my work LUL

  41. Dr Jack Bright says:

    I think you’ll find that I can do all of these things, provided that no one finds out

  42. specterRaven says:

    LMFAO bright is just that awesome XD

  43. Athis Ashlander says:

    I lost it at, " Dr. Bright is not allowed to stand in a corner and twiddle his thumbs." 😂😂

  44. LordEverlost says:

    This made my day! Love it!

  45. T SexyRexy says:

    Wow, he must be real good at his job to not be fired by now.

  46. Stickman Player says:

    I would like to make an exception to one of the rules, a game cartridge that has every shiny Pokémon should be an SCP

  47. NetherHyena says:

    love the reread. hoping Dr.Bright appears in confinement and all his bodies are Conner

  48. SilverFatalis 5653 says:

    New sub!!! God, this was the funniest scp take I've ever heard, lol

  49. Dr. Warpstar says:

    I'm just going to ask because I dont want to listen to this again.

    Did you use the edited one? Bright went in recently and cleaned the trash out of that list and locked it. I'm sure they dont want popular scp youtubers propagating the image they're trying hard to destroy

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