THE START! | PES 2017 Become A Legend | Episode #1

►Welcome to our PES 2017 become a legend career mode! This series will run alongside our FIFA 17 Career Mode Player! I hope you enjoy my journey as we begin our career and our rise to fame!



►My Snapchat: BFordLancer48

►FIFA 17 Player Career Mode:
►FIFA 17 The Journey Mode:

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  1. Epic 1738 says:

    Can you make more of this pls 😭😭😭

  2. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm /I can't fit my name says:

    You look like Calfreezy and W2S combined…it sounds weird but to be fair he kinda does

  3. PAWAN RAJ YADAV says:


  4. Tiago dos anjos (music) says:


  5. Meme Lord says:

    I have pes 2016 but i prefer fifa i dont like pes anymore

  6. Bill Seloma says:

    Why didnt u continue with this???

  7. fifa king says:

    How do you get caerr mode

  8. Shadow says:

    Bfrod rs left (left stick) rs down (right stick) for a skill move i dont know what its called

  9. Tiago dos anjos (music) says:

    Also do not turn the difficulty up because you are a NOOB!

  10. Abdirisakh Ahmed says:

    Can u play like fifa 18 pls

  11. Monika Roj says:


  12. Kaisar Angel Angel says:

    awesome with me for 20 mins to 30 mins

  13. ItsTeam4 says:

    Good pes game

  14. DD DD says:

    U can make it more difficult and Easter 😀😶

  15. armincenn says:

    It looked like he was in his closet recording the vid haha

  16. Souvick's Videos says:

    Hey…do more of this.

  17. James says:

    how did you get this PES my PES is shitty

  18. Samadi Siwafwile says:

    Press R2 twice to call for ball and training skill can be quicker by using point

  19. Levi Lewis-Allagoa says:

    I think pes player career is better

  20. Michael says:

    you need to pass

  21. Ahmed Alqaza says:

    If u wanna ur player to increase u need pass the play more and don't try to ball huh

  22. 123 123 says:

    Call for ball is double tap r1

  23. shavingculture says:

    This game sucks I got it by mail right now no career mode wtf so what's the point of this garbage game? I can't believe is people who think this is better then FIFA no options it all

  24. Lucas Dirkson says:

    Do you have to download something for the custimasation or is there een option for in the menu(sorry for my bad grammar)

  25. Jake S says:


  26. Malik Playz says:

    do storylines for this

  27. Ephraim Kianga says:

    get news boots

  28. Omar Rouigui says:

    The player has to get the skills

  29. GAME CORE says:

    if you press the 'R2' button you can call for pass

  30. Joshua Dear says:

    make it harder

  31. Joshua Dear says:

    Do not be as greedy

  32. Joshua Dear says:

    I prefer longer vidoes

  33. FIFACareerGOAT says:

    Skill moves is same as fifa

  34. GreatestChannel says:

    FIFA was getting old and yes ur doin live

  35. Oğuz Fatih says:


  36. Emmanuel Ike-Steven says:

    it is like fifa skils

  37. emmanuel-david kwilu kama says:

    Thx for bringing PES2017 videos. It's always getting hate even tho it's pre good 😊

  38. Carlos Cuellar says:

    20 30 minutes sounds good

  39. Jonny Roldan says:

    I'm getting pes 17 I rather have that then 18 but idk yet I don't wanna spend so much money on games this year

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