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Theresa May relinquishes her leadership of the UK Conservative Party tomorrow — here’s what you should know about her legacy.
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In world news now and Brexit news today, the Theresa May resignation (Brexit related) is set to happen today June 7. We recently saw the Theresa May resignation speech signaling to the UK and the world that the conservative leader would be stepping down.

Theresa May resigned from office on a bitter note ,her tenure dominated by what was largely regarded as failure after failure in the drama of one of the most divisive, confusing, and heavily-covered news events of the past couple years: the country’s impending exit from the European Union.

In the years since the Brexit vote, May has negotiated with parliament and the EU in an effort to arrange a deal that both sides would agree on. Resultantly, every deal she’s attempted to pass has failed.

In March 2019, she even offered to resign if the latest version of her deal passed. It didn’t.

It’s also worth noting that not long after the Brexit vote, she became the first world leader to meet with U.S. President Trump after his inauguration, and despite hopes of a U.S. – UK trade deal that would offset the losses of leaving the EU – she didn’t really establish a rapport with Trump.

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  1. yfelwulf says:

    May was a ZIONIST and her replacement either Boris or Raab both Jews can you see it yet 💊

  2. Schnagobert Schnack says:

    you forgot to mention she triggered a snap election in 2017 due to favourable polls but lost her majority, which is why she never got her Brexit deal passed.

  3. nabeel hasan says:

    I have only seen fall and fall of Theresa May

  4. JP BLACK says:

    Anyone else clock Anne Widdicombe's bowl haircut in the 90s clip?! As vile then and she is now

  5. moses 1997 says:

    I hope the British gets destroyed

  6. Samuel Carver says:

    Owen Jones is scum

  7. CreativeKidHD says:

    Got Milk?

  8. scheiw 68 says:

    That sweater though….

  9. cld says:

    In a democracy, everone eligle voter should choose prime ministers, not members of only one party.

  10. Jakub Ircow says:

    Only came here for the big badangdangs…..sorry mom 😱😂😉😂

  11. Shobhit Mishra says:

    Now Sajid Javid has gained some traction after Johnson's £39 billion dollar EU payment issue..Let us see if what happens next😉😉

  12. Dario Guerra says:

    Video literally opens with false information. She did not resign as Primer Minister. She became resigned and then became acting party leader until a new one can be elected and replace her as PM in a month. Smh NowThis

  13. Bears and Beats says:


  14. Mistermax30 says:

    I have absolutely no interest in British politics. Then why did I click on this video? Some mysteries shall never be solved.

  15. Peter Nicho says:

    Alex Janin gorgeous and talented.

  16. Ralf Rath says:

    Is the Chlorinated-US-Britain-Brexit-Exit the best idea of Britain since 1000 years history of Britain and Britain's glorious past in Europe? If the future of Britain is dominated by Trump´s chlorinated Chicken USA then chaos, disaster will destroy the UK. And Boris is born in New York. He is not British but the best friend of US president Trump. A tragedy for Britain. A tragedy for British people. How can we help Britain? 🙋‍♂️🐶

  17. steve newbould says:

    If you listen carefully she’s saying something about mrs May I think 🤔

  18. Florian Hansch says:

    I don't even care about Teresa May.

  19. Vijay Jagpaul says:

    If you give people a chance in a Democracy? Her sentence composition sound like Trump.

  20. Jez I AM says:

    Rosie needs to whiten her teeth.

  21. Talkaholic says:

    The video failed to give a balanced view on May's time as PM. There is no mention of Grenfell or Windrush, increase in poverty and homelessness etc etc.

  22. dupe you says:

    Just another puppet for Israel's consistent theft.

  23. 00Noontide says:

    Impressive rack

  24. Asif Shaukat says:

    Nice………….very nice………..🧐👍🏽

  25. MAX BLACK says:


  26. ZACK zack says:


  27. Hotwheels Andmylegosss says:


  28. Stephen Mosqueda says:

    I'd like the girl doing the piece to rise and fall on me. 😉

  29. zooperman87 says:

    Big jugs always convincing😋

  30. carneasada8 says:


  31. Sohan P says:

    Unique dance movesMAYBOT

  32. i automobile says:

    Whatever America wants

  33. Jhony D. Chau says:

    This is UK government for dummies.

  34. Phillip Pinedo says:

    This girl speaking in the grey is really pretty plus smart

  35. Memus Maximumus Prime says:

    Big ole udders

  36. Paul Astill says:

    Forget Teresa ! Look at those meat melons !

  37. Phil Merrall says:

    I would like a refund of her of what we paid her.

  38. Human Inc. says:

    The presenter is hot as FK! Who is she?

  39. poop poop says:

    Let's hope she made the right choice

  40. mudassar nadaf says:

    Alex janin . Okay. I am out.

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