The Mandalorian Episode 3: 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed


  1. Dash Star says:

    Sorry for the Re Upload, had a random Copyright strike take the first vid down.

  2. Neil Scollay says:

    So do Star Wars fans actually like something? WOW!

  3. Michael W says:

    Theory: he took the low paying job for the nobleman’s son not as a distraction, but because he had already planned to rescue Baby Yoda and thought there may be some value in finding this nobleman for whatever reason. Maybe he recognized the person and knows of the bounty’s family, hard to say at this point.

  4. 54m0h7 says:

    I find it amazing how they can convey so much emotion from the Mandalorian even tho we never see his face. That's some great acting and directing right there.

  5. Milton Fortner says:

    I wish people would stop calling him baby Yoda.yoda has a bend in his ear we are not given Yoda's species and it's really hard to clone force sensitives just check out the force unleashed 2

  6. Andy Roden says:

    The Crate boxes (cubes) are actually used in the Dark Forces Game series.

  7. Senior Batman says:

    " What ah black man , can't save his life and his ice cream maker?"

  8. Matt Soffe says:

    Christ you were doing so well until the JP voice over. Ugh.

  9. Buzzramjet says:

    WHY does everyone keep calling the child Baby Yoda? IT was FIVE YEARS AFTER JEDI and the child was FIFTY YEARS OLD. Thus the baby was FORTY FIVE years old at the time of Jedi when YODA dies or passes to another plane of existence.

  10. rebel43dom says:

    (ive got to get one of those ) was the fraze that sibin ren sayed when she sew a jet pack in the rebels i hope we see some connection whit her ot her clan

  11. RedRose9137 says:

    7:00 hahahah omg the auto-generated captions for Greedo.

  12. Marc HÄSSIG says:

    The number 2 (when Paz Vizla does a fly-by) is more a wink to the Rocketeer…another Disney production.

    What do you think?

  13. himpe kenny says:

    i want a open world star wars game x(

  14. DCon stable says:

    I think that "Mando" receiving the whistling birds & immediately needing them was more just than a gratifying coincidence..

    I think "the Smith" knew that he was going need them.. She knew he was a bounty hunter & that the enemy he spoke of was obviously his his most recent asset..
    I think she knew he would most likely break the Guild's code because the Mandalorians' honor was more important to him than the Guild's code & he would stir up a hornet's nest when he did…

  15. The Haven says:

    Those small cubes at #4 are also in Star Wars: Fallen Order

  16. Lumber Jack says:

    Can't remember the source (I believe it was in the book Revan), there's an interesting explanation to all the gadgets integrated to Mandalorian armours. It's basically to mimic the powers of the jedi (which is quite rational if you think about Mando's fighting jedi all the time through the galaxy's history) as in force jump/dash through jet pack, force pull with the cord, force push with the flame thrower, force sense through omnidirectional 360° helmet visor and so on. SU'CUY GAR!

  17. John Roscoe says:

    #2 is absolutely stupid. That phrase is said in one form or another in practically half of cultural material ever made for Christ sake. Seriously?

  18. Scott Anderson says:

    The scene where Disney protects child rapists

  19. mostlyHarmless says:

    Never removing yor helmet seems very unpractical.

  20. Ozmozis says:

    The Sin is reference to the Judas' payment in silver; the look as the child gazes on the beskar, as trade for his life. The Mandalorian reclaimed his honor in the rescue. I believe that the child was the first successful clone, however it takes time for the Midi-chlorian to develop, as the child's species is slow to form, this would've been hard to count. I believe that Whills allowed the child to be born and protected it – allowing it to escape with help, preventing the Emperor from torturing it while trying to turn it into a Sith. As Obi-Wan says – there's no luck (or coincidences).

  21. Njin says:

    the fight scenes in episode 3 was a bit bad, the movement fight scenes when he walks into the apartment for baby yoda was a bit slow, "but makes sense now, it was directed by a woman

  22. Johnny Blaze says:

    Wow what a series just watched all 3 episodes and good stuff. Why cant disney make a movie

  23. Kyle Joultz says:

    cloning was a dead give away.

  24. foomp says:

    I like that Jordan Peterson bit at the end there. Nice add.

  25. Ronny Soahc says:

    I'd like to know who the people he took the child from in chapter 1 were.

  26. Adriaan de Kamper says:

    His ship makes me think of Serenity in Firefly.

  27. Jude Wender says:

    Did you voice Curse Entertainment videos? I feel like I recognize your voice

  28. 44jmdom says:

    So… What are you saying, that they are trying to use Yoda to clone instead of Gingo Fett? That's heavy! That woud change everything! That cannot happen!

  29. VaDeR173 says:

    Also look like companion cubes from portal

  30. Joppel Fernandez says:

    now that he has the Baby, the show will probably be an expy of Lone Wolf and Cub

  31. LoNeRoNiN says:

    Best episode yet, but the cheesy salute was too much.

  32. Deryke C says:

    no mention of the "companion cube" rip offs ???
    from portal.

  33. Suthun Rath says:

    Just a thought. Maybe that's why Yoda went to the planet that he did that would shroud him in the dark side where he couldn't be detected. They were trying to clone him and they did.

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