The Mandalorian Episode 2: 10 Tiny Details You May Have Missed





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  1. J P says:

    that was made famous in KOTR?


    Starwars Galaxy. tera kasi master has something to say to you sir.

  2. Bomber Harris says:

    The idea of Boba's armour only being durasteel was from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: The Visual Dictionary from 2002, 15 years before the idea of Mandalorian armour being made of beskar became canon in Star Wars Rebels in 2017.
    Boba's armour might be durasteel simply because beskar didn't exist in the canon yet.

  3. Alex Wong says:

    Tiny detail… no Rey

  4. Ahman Millener says:

    I'm sorry, but your facts are weak. Unless it is stated as such, your assumption about the Mandalorian metal is only your opinion. When Boba Fett was in the Salac pit, Dura steel and other metals were not regergtated. So, he armor was made of all the same material and not Dura Steel. Meaning, your hypothesis is flawed.

  5. mickierat says:

    Speaking of Easter eggs you may have missed, you can actually see the Mando attaching the helmet flashlight onscreen before venturing into the darkness.

  6. Amano Jyaku says:

    Is that Bill fucking Burr at 00.09🙉


    Really wish they would remaster the KOTOR games

  8. Randy Decker says:

    Vibroblades have been around looooong before KOTOR. They were weapons in the original West End Games Star Wars RPG that first came out in 1987, so they've been in Star Wars a long time.

  9. Captain KMFD says:

    Dash, didn't you rage-quit Star Wars a year (or two) ago?

  10. Taylor Hacker says:

    Dash render?? Anyone? Shadows of the empire.

  11. Dean Palazzo says:

    Number nine is false the officer in rouge one had a reloading six shot blaster

  12. Firefly Phoenix says:

    Ok. You shit all over star wars. Now you want to monetize it?

  13. Lefty16Vek says:

    The reloading shells is for its disintegrator rifle. Remember Darth Vader says to Boba Fett "no disintegrations", that's what the rifle is denoting. It's more of a sniper type weapon and for intimidation.

  14. VoiceOfMan says:

    Too many mistakes and inconsistencies in this video.

  15. T Gonza says:

    Thank you for posting with references to the animated series, good to hear your voice on star wars again

  16. Евгений Игумнов says:

    Russian writer’s name is Anton, not Andon

  17. Vankruze says:

    Your assumptions aren't accurate at all you got so much wrong it's like you were deciding what you wanted to see when you watched it.

  18. serbrightside says:

    You noticed the mudhorn drew his attention away from the attacking Mandalorian to the baby Yoda. Even that being was attracted to it.

  19. RayGaming says:

    Too bad I cant watch it here in good old Germany…

  20. Anancy-9 says:

    Reloading never seen in star wars movie or TV show? You clearly forgot the scene in the Star Wars the Clone Wars when Commander Cody and Captain Rex were tracking a traitor within their ranks, and Cody unloads his DC-15a blaster rifle, when Slick picks it up he smugly says "hey Slick. Guns empty" and he gestures with a magazine.

  21. Ez-8 says:

    Can you believe a few hundred years of the terrible two's with a baby from yoda kind.

  22. Degamer422 says:

    I knew I was forgetting something I just noticed that he doesn’t have a jet pack

  23. A certain red panda says:

    Just saw episode 3… oh god this is amazing

  24. Nelson Menard says:

    good video but the audio is not balanced between your dialogue and the animated clips.

  25. Jason Q says:

    You’re implying that their armor can’t be dinged. That’s incorrect. You assume too much.

  26. Rob Weissman says:

    Where did all this information and backstory come from?.. Did they write NEW it for the shoooow???🤔

    I mean Kathleen Kennedy says there isn't any extended content to create from except the movies, broooooooooooooooooooo… 


  27. Kleu Berg says:

    Was that Bill Burr?

  28. Jame Schumacher says:

    Wow, these “ details” are shit, maybe we shouldn’t report things until there is something to report.

  29. Just a Man says:

    Cad banes blaster must’ve strong enough to dent Bobas helm

  30. Vinyl Blair says:

    'Tiny' details…..your idea of tiny is way different to mine…!

  31. Fabled Cryo says:

    I really hope the dark saber makes an appearance in the show

  32. Trever Burhans says:

    The baby ate a frog like creature not a lizard.. I know Tiny Detail.

  33. Kasch says:

    how is that a tiny detail screw this you're just doing a plot round up dislike and bye bye

  34. Kurt Laserbeam says:

    hey look, Dash came crawling back to star wars

  35. Ryan J says:

    I haven't heard anyone mentioning this, but the Trandoshans who attack the Mandalorian in episode 2 can be seen eaves dropping in episode 1 when Greef Karga tells him about the job…

  36. Kev Bro says:

    Baby Yoda trying to eat the lizard is a nod to guardians of the galaxy 2 where baby Groot tries to eat the bug in the opening fight scene.

  37. James Bullo says:

    A detail you missed. Baby eats an amphibian not a reptile. #Toada

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