32 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part 2 Delayed to May 2020 – IGN Now

  1. It’s been 3+ years since this game was announced. There has to be a point where we say enough is enough. Don’t tease us until it’s ready.

  2. Naughty Dog always does this for "polish", they like to throw that word around
    Not bashing them because they always the deliver but damn even though it's just a few months this is gonna be difficult

  3. Hopefully this means they will have time to include multiplayer. Also I’ll be on break from school in May, so this is great for my grades.

  4. Neil druckmann said it will be release in early 2020 i have been waiting for 3 years to play the last of us 2 i am pissed

  5. That's definitely a Fiscal Yr money thing, and "Not" a Polish!! Naughty Dog doesn't put out TRASH so, if you all believe that they were gonna release this game in February then pushed it back to polish it means that you believe that they think the game was trash…. April/May is the new business yr for companies and that means they can start the FY off in the black with a new game vs. Letting it release at the end of the FY…. Plus Death Stranding!! The End!!

  6. Because it’s naughty dog I’m not upset. I know they’re delaying it to make the game even better for us. And that’s respectable.

    However I would love to have some more gameplay demos to drool over.

  7. For a game like this ,if they moved it to the end of 2020 as a launch title for the PS5 , I wouldn't be upset..on the outside.

  8. Gives me time to do my second playthrough of Cyberpunk 2077 maybe even as a female charachter 😮😉 Probably one of the other reasons they pushed the release date back so it didnt clash with Cyberpunks release.

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