The LAST OF US 2: RELEASE DATE DELAYED TO MAY – Last of Us Part 2 Release date

The last of us 2 release date has been delayed again to May 2020. We discuss what this new release date means for The last of us part 2 in this video! 500 Likes?

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  1. DomTheBomb says:

    This kinda shocked me not gonna lie but I’m 100 percent fine with this because I trust Naughty Dog and the extra time they are taking be sure to continue to support them thanks for watching 💙

  2. vsammy _poet says:

    Allthough theres been also speculation in videos around, about that ND knew allready that this game isnt coming out in February, so my furiousness is coming from that. And its reasonable, if you think about how long Neil Druckmann has been doing videogames. It cannot be sudden surprise to them, that theres no enough time. So.. Why they couldnt just release the date for 29th May in first place. This was very bad to put it first into Feb. 🤔

  3. vsammy _poet says:

    Haha! I totally lost it for the beginning of this video 😂… But yeah, some more this news. I think, the main mistake for Naughty Dog was to release so early the flick about this game in 2016..

  4. Beverly Kell says:

    3 months extra ain't that bad. We waited this long. People get upset over the silliest things. At least it's not canceled or another year or 2.

    And like they said, they needed more time to get it up to Naughty Dog Quality. Would you rather have it early but lacking? Or later but perfect?

  5. Manjula Kaushal says:

    I respect their decicion 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. phlyte says:

    you cant rush perfection

  7. John Anderson says:

    I dont care for the game anymore, I'm done with it…

  8. Tom Sivell says:

    They delayed it again to add multiplayer

  9. Ethan King says:

    (Sighs) 😔

  10. Crazy kid says:

    This is how I feel

  11. Diana Brutus says:

    I am ok this because who would what a rushed and unpolished game

  12. Eyal Shor says:

    Disappointed but if they need more time then they need more time

  13. Tropical Wings says:

    Maybe they’ll add something with multiplayer

  14. shadow knight says:

    Well at least they are taking the time to polish the game. I'd rather wait for top quality

  15. Dra gon says:

    Naughty dog is completely delusional

  16. Yuna Ward says:

    Mabey they are keeping us from something…

  17. jay 99 says:

    Hands down the best intro I've seen😂

  18. Muhammad Ilham says:

    What again hhhhhhh

  19. CO Little says:

    Now we can be sure of one thing:
    Most of us are gonna cry when the game finally releases

  20. The Ghost says:

    I dont care if it comes out 2021. Just change Ellies face. And make her bisexuality a choice that the player can change. Since we all know this bothers a lot of people

  21. Logi Art says:

    Now this game can get game of the year because it well probably be well remembered as it’s not released at the start of the year anymore

  22. Connor O’Hagan says:

    might as well come out with ps4

  23. Connor O’Hagan says:

    it’s coming out in 2038 when the game takes place

  24. Ryan Tolentino says:

    I’m not getting TLOU2. Forget it

  25. Ethmann official says:

    Umm how many times did they delayed again (I have videos every day at 4:30PM)

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