The Incredible World Cup Final Finish | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Watch the incredible World Cup final finish. Breath.

The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019.
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  1. Chris Smith says:

    for all those wondering what gem of a song this is, its 'play the game- videohelper' (on YT not spotify)

    welcome x

  2. kingvk Ronaldo. says:

    Perfect way to steal the WC. . Bloody useless poms.. robbers..

  3. Haroon Moulana says:

    What's the music?

  4. ash king says:

    Icc cwc champion new zeland

  5. Singh says:

    English Fans : Really Satisfy The Result?🤔🤔

  6. Raina Jayanth says:

    Indians would have prayed in

  7. Usama ali says:

    This match fixed

  8. 1DvsJB says:


  9. Krish Patel says:

    Fullllyy luckk

  10. Piya Paul says:

    What a thriling final of World cup..Heart beats doesn't stops

  11. All in One by PK Creation says:

    Fucking rules of icc

  12. Rabeeha Nora says:

    The best three minutes of my life. 😀👏

  13. Thalapathy da says:

    It should be India vs australia in worldcup finals . agree ???

  14. Anish Yadav says:

    Best scene when Neesham and Guptill handshake

  15. DailyDose says:

    lol match fixing

  16. stinkycricket says:

    The BBC used to excel in this sort of review thing years ago. Sky do it with ease now it seems. Superb video 🙂
    BTW, how do we get Ian Smith a New Years Honour from the Queen for the most outstanding commentary of a sporting finish EVER. OUTSTANDING drama conveyed in those last minutes perfectly.
    Ian Smith deserves awards for this days work.

  17. Sanjaya Shastry says:

    What's the song in the background?

  18. Tgs turbine gaming says:

    Best player of the england BEN STOKES

  19. Karthikeya Bhatt says:

    Song name?

  20. Da6dul says:

    All these indians still trying to show they aren't salty when the lost to NZ and England. They didn't make it to ke final, instant karma

  21. Pee Geezee says:

    I'll never stop watching this. Forever and always England WORLD CHAMPIONS

  22. Swapnil Prateek says:

    Best world cup ever

  23. Aviral Jain says:

    And they fucking got into a super over again!!! CRAZY STUFF!!

  24. All game Hack says:

    Cheeter england team from India

  25. D4D music says:

    stokes drop the bat disrespect cricket

  26. SOURAV DAS says:

    very very good England

  27. Exceptional Boy says:

    Sometimes you need luck too

  28. suresh k says:

    May I know the song name in this video
    Can Anyone tell me???

  29. Mahesh music says:

    අඩේ සින්හලෙන්ම කියන්නම් ඉන්ග්ලන්ඩ් ක්‍රිකට් පුලුවන්නන්ම් තමන්ගේ රටේ ඉපදුනු ඉන්ග්‍රිසි ජාතිකයයෝ 11දම්මලා ගහලා බලපල්ලා තරහකට කියනවා නෙමේ උබලා ෆේල් new world champions new zeland

  30. Devansh Shukla says:

    Plz can anyone tell me the music name in this video

  31. Kg Rejul Ali says:

    Bad Engli

  32. PAWAN SINGH says:

    What a stoke nice performance in the nice moment

  33. Unstoppable Spirit says:

    15 needed from the last over for England

    15 made by England in super over

    15 made by New Zealand in super over

    Was separating the Two sides as champions and runner ups fair?

  34. Abdullah Ahmed says:

    Bangladash v england

  35. Sitikantha Sen says:

    Really feel sad for NZ……. but guptil ran out Dhoni……….guptil also run out……feels good:-p

  36. Anuj Kumar says:

    Video should be titled How ICC Plays the Final

  37. Tomato Lover says:

    Seeing all those Indians in the stadium expecting India to be in the final instead 😂 😂

  38. Vellala Mahathiramesh says:

    With out ben stokes there was no world cup to the england

  39. Sunny Logan says:

    Asshole English people

  40. Sunny Logan says:

    Gifted world Cup

  41. Rohit Biswas says:

    Russell aur pandya only ipl player but stokes all format player

  42. Subhradip Malakar says:

    New Zealand is the ultimate winner every one knows it

  43. жабKd см says:

    Fixing is more important if match in Australia than Australia win if match in England than England win how check record you find it

  44. annavarapu gowtham says:

    England won the cup Newland own our hearts

  45. muhammad mujtaba says:

    Neesham,s best six

  46. K MEENA says:


  47. Nikhil Pathak says:

    No1 game that was that Tonight 👈👈🖖☝️🤟🤟

  48. Md. Rafiur Rahman says:

    The disitions given by the kumar dramasena was very worst. So new zealand lost. But good try by nessam.

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