The Ho Chi Minh Road Continues | Vietnam Motorcycle Road Trip Part 12

Watch part 12 as the guys from Ninja Teacher drive from A Luoi to Khe Sanh on their journey across the length of Vietnam.
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Coda – Jakob Ahlbom
Going Blind – Sven Karlsson
Suburban Sunrise – Ran the Man
Rain Check – Dylan Sitts


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  1. clement abeka says:

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  2. Julien Van Heukelom says:

    really liked the drone shots in this, cool video guys 👏

  3. Julien Van Heukelom says:

    really liked the drone shots in this, cool video guys 👏

  4. Huyen Nguyen says:

    That’s so nice

  5. Chris Smith says:

    Oh boy, during the war, Khe Sanh was one heavy heavy fighting every inches there. No one dared to step foot to Khe Sanh except American soldiers and local people. So sad isn’t it? A lot of ghosts’ stories there. Thank you for sharing your videos. Great video as usual. Those school kids are cute.

  6. Tuwana Vining says:

    Thanks for sharing the incredible views! I truly hope to have the opportunity to see them myself some day soon.

  7. Momo Lulu says:

    very nice video….very nice ride…

  8. Calvin Lewis says:

    Great video! I just finished doing a Saigon loop around Southern Vietnam (5 cities, 900kms) myself. However, I think Kyle needs to get a proper moto jacket with some armor, better safe than sorry.

  9. Thomas says:

    Tell Kyle he's missing out on all the good meat. Good footage of the ride guys

  10. Tika Nguyen says:

    Xin Chao Alex. Once again, absolutely stunning video. Cheers love.

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