The GRINCH thought he saw Martha May & CRIED! Grinchmas 2019 – Universal Studios Hollywood


  1. Genreshow WTF says:

    I love me a good hot mug of cocoa during the winter.. Christmas pancakes & seeing my nephews smile as they unwrap their presents, is the reason I love Christmas

  2. RollerCoasterLisa says:

    I noticed several Whoville characters are missing. Is this because of the rain?

  3. The Schmi! says:

    I know most of the Mr. Grinch lyrics because of a musical in elementary school. Also did you get any of those treats?

  4. hannah Ko says:

    Love your vids. Can you ask the Grinch how old he is this how many people want to know

  5. Jessi Gottlieb says:

    Lol so cute that he cries!!! 😂

  6. Hector Navarro says:

    I love your content so much! Never stop filming videos

  7. Nigetta777 GAYMER Y CHARACTERS says:

    More vídeos With Universal studios characters With LOVE AND KISSES PLEASE Fátima!!!

  8. Aarom Diawatan says:

    Went to Disneyland on Wednesday it was pouring rain

  9. Amanda maloney says:

    Please keep making grinch videos I love watching them!!!!

  10. Lynam HQ says:

    I love Mr Grinch.

  11. canadain boy21 -graeme Graeme says:

    Wow! this one was pretty cool everyone had so much make up on lol how long ago did they set all this up? Did u watch then setting all this stuff up?

  12. Benny The RolliNstOner says:

    Thank you so muuuich!!!!

  13. Vanesa Chavarria says:


  14. Orlando Parks Rover says:

    The Grinch Scratching his butt is hilarious

  15. Fatima Lakhani says:

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  16. Fatima Lakhani says:

    Support me on Patreon

  17. Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster says:

    If you see him again, ask him if he knows Scooby-Doo!

  18. Candace Cherry says:

    The grinch is alsum

  19. Emma Morrow says:

    I love that it’s a lot of the people from last year. It makes it better when they remember you. I love your videos!

  20. jakes magical mansion says:

    Can u ask the grinch to tell my mom to get feeling better she's been sick for 4 days

  21. Little Boba Tea :p says:

    He's cute when he he received the mini plushie of him. I loved the part when he talked for his mini plushie and when he layed the plushie down

  22. Jessi Williams says:

    Can you please tell the grinch that I said hi

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