New Best Mega Knight Miner No Skill Deck in Clash Royale for Trophy Pushing in Legendary Arena 13 in Season 6 of Ladder Meta. One of the Best Mega Knight Deck with Miner and Spawner for Ladder Trophy Push during Season 6 Meta of Clash Royale.

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  1. CLASHwithSHANE | Clash Royale says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone that celebrates it!! Hope you all had an amazing day today!

  2. Sector1999 says:

    imagine not seeing zappies

  3. Kryptonicide 767 says:

    Wait. If you haven't ever seen zappies before, then how did you know what they were called 4:,19

  4. Red- Eyed AsianDemon says:

    Dude I have no skill so I tried this deck and I lose two times and I turned of my brain too

  5. Vaxkt says:

    Lmao this my deck

    Mega knight, magic archer, bandit, ice wizard, ice golem, arrows, furnace

  6. Bruce Mosby says:

    Join R Starz II clan we're the new clan for 2020

  7. tristan jordan says:

    Never seen zappies?

  8. Sergio Rodriguez says:

    How has he never seen zappies before?

  9. SnieGus00n says:

    I have deck:
    Mega Knight, Magic Archer, Zap, goblin gang, inferno dragon, electro wizard, dark Prince, mega minion

    I have 9 lvl and 5000 trophies

  10. KaoticSuper says:

    At 13:03 you could’ve gotten that tower if you didn’t say good game and waste time lolol

  11. Joel Jacobson says:

    You look like something out of the Lord Of the Rings

  12. Ge2s star says:

    You suck man 😕👎👎

  13. The Most says:

    You’ve Never seen zapies?

  14. Kamil Sadalec says:

    Why Mega Knight isn't gold

  15. Gnabster says:

    We gotta recover from that previous recovery and see if we can recover. -Shane 2019

  16. John Crektanov says:


  17. birk ørum says:

    Clash with Shane, more like clash with Shame. This deck is disgusting ahaha

  18. Brian Leung says:


  19. Yilwx says:

    Yo I saw where u and yosoyrick went in he won but u almost had him thts go I found u I was watching him live like 5 mins ago n he went vs u I’m s new sub btw I saw u had YT n I’m like, I’m gonnna starch him up n here I am u n yosoyrick should go again it was a heck of a battle!!!

  20. MARTIN G says:

    16:27 just to let you know shane the magic archer is a male 😂

  21. Fantasizes says:

    u cant do shit against bats with deck

  22. Republic 117 says:

    In general this game takes no skill

  23. Jamie Allen says:

    Wt card would u say I use if I dnt have night witch

  24. Graeme Wright says:

    What province do you live in?

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