The Dallas Cowboys May Fire Head Coach Before The Season End


  1. Nick995 says:

    It’s so sad how the cowboy fans showboat about being number 1 in a division that’s the worse in the nfl.

  2. Valentin Outlaw says:

    They should have been got rid of that head coach

  3. Valentin Outlaw says:


  4. Randy Butler says:


  5. southeast01 says:

    I remember earlier this season they were hyping up there boy “genius “ OC Kellen Moore. The sky is truly falling in Dallas. Go Bears!!!!!!!


    Ima out Karceno Karceno on this one…Dak and Garrett will be gone next year..Lincoln Riley on his way…

  7. ARIES 35 says:

    Man Ceno ima tell you str8 up, we not going to no fucking Super Bowl no time soon😂, I refuse to even believe we got that kinda shot 😂😂

  8. d cooper says:

    I want Kris Richard as I head coach

  9. Cash Rulez says:

    Their kicker screwed them over the whole game.

  10. BRAVO2I4 says:

    Jason Garrett doesn't call the plays. The offensive coordinator does.

  11. Tydrekus Robinson says:

    Dak highest paid heck no

  12. Tydrekus Robinson says:

    No dak Prescott is a bum period so don't blame Jason Garrett don't dump it all I'm his lap

  13. mauteen says:

    Every team in the NFC East has a Superbowl… And will be the only Division to do so as long as the NFL exists

  14. Supa V says:

    I stand with Kaep … Unbothered

  15. Presto says:

    Kool Keith video please.

  16. Donnie Anderson says:

    Here we go with the Cowboys hate. I agree that the defense is over paid. We forget that the Buffalo Bills are good.

  17. Yung Hollywood says:

    The cowboys are just a sad sack of shit. All that talent being wasted smh. Jerry Jones refuses to see the light. I’m done for good. Garrett the most pussy coach to ever breath. 4th and 1 he’ll punt the game away smh. And I like Zeke but he took that bag and said fuck it.

  18. sainttrunks1982 says:

    Garrett and Tomlin are coaching mirror images of each other.

  19. BlitzGotBeats says:

    They not firing him mid season. They can still win the division.


    Does dak remind you of Donovan Mcnabb?

  21. Leonardo King says:

    That dam Lebron

  22. PillzBerry27 says:

    Jason Garrett AKA Coach Clap and the FG kicker will get fire tommorow morning. Like I said before Jerry Jones like the spotlight for the last 25 years but never stay in his lane.

  23. anthony scott II says:

    Based on record, the bills are a better football team.

  24. anthony scott II says:

    With all due respect, any other qb have two fumbles and a pick you would crucify and then want to give Dak a pass because you like him. Gotta be objective as you usually and not a fan bro. All praises. Shalom

  25. Adam Guidry says:

    As a longtime Dallas Cowboys fan this is the first time I have ever been disinterested in the team. Coach Clap is worse than Dave Campo!

  26. e3erockstar08 says:

    The KISS OF DEATH is usually when the owner says he won’t fire you.

    I’d invest in some brown boxes if I were Coach….

  27. SladeOne Gunner says:

    The real reason why they losing because they went away from the run they not gonna win any game when dak is throwing it 50 times

  28. SladeOne Gunner says:

    Had to like it immediately the moment you said the cowboys are in trouble 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Stoner GamingTv says:

    1963 playbook 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Tarrance Sutton says:

    Maybe they should hire payton Manning as coach and have him hire the defensive coach aswell.

  31. Tarrance Sutton says:

    Yep they need to fire the coach.

  32. Jason Garrett says:

    Trust the process.

  33. lamart hart says:

    Hey to all COWBOY fans, from a BILLS fan ur welcome, now y'all can get Urban Meyers, Jim Harbaugh, or idk……..

  34. Travis Gustave says:

    Looks like you lost some money on it

  35. Travis Gustave says:

    His name is coach clap, we needed to get rid of him 9years ago

  36. TEXAS mann says:

    No that's who Jerry Jones wanted

  37. Omar Scruggs says:

    Eagles beat the Jets and the Bills on the road. We only loss to the Pats

  38. Jay Blacq says:

    I'm from Arlington Texas. As long as the Kones family owns the cowboys, they WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER SUPER BOWL!

    That's a fact.

  39. Omar Scruggs says:

    Jason Garrett looks a lot like JFK and Jerry Jones is gonna be Lee Harvey Oswald after the game. Or Castro. Or The Mob….well you get the point

  40. Wayne Jackson says:

    That’s just this year Ceno The AFC East has been a dumpster for twenty years. Outside a couple of good years by The Jets

  41. Fly guy Derrick says:

    Dak ain't that good he had 2 turnovers I still think they can make it to the super bowl.

  42. Black Tiger 97 says:

    What's a wonderful Thanksgiving day 🙂, eating amazing Thanksgiving dinner & watched Dallas lose

  43. Chaz LocR30’s says:

    I’m a Dallas cowboy fan and I agree with everything you’re saying

  44. Cee Mims says:

    The NFC East is the worst division the only division where every team
    has at least one Super Bowl win. The only division where your Patriots
    and Tom Brady is 1-3 in yes the NFC East is the worst division in
    the NFL right. I don’t know who you been talking to the NFC East ain’t
    thinking about those Delfatetriots.

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