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How are modern ways of upskilling different from traditional ones?

As the market grew the needs of the employees and the clients changed which, in turn, caused businesses to adapt to these new changes making them more relevant to the market. Hence, the methods of upskilling were also reformed during this process.

In this video, Sujit shines light on some of the major differences in traditional and modern ways of upskilling.

***About Sujit***
Sujit is the CTO and co-founder at Interview Mocha. With over 11 years in software consulting and enterprise applications development. He brings rich cross-functional experience, passion for innovation and expertise in transforming technology strategy into high-quality enterprise products.

***About Pranav***
Pranav is a Marketer, a Consultant… but mostly a Teacher. His mission is to Humanize Marketing. Through “Mocha sips”, he plans to pick the minds of Recruitment experts.

***About Interview Mocha***
Interview Mocha’s mission is to empower organizations to hire job fit candidates faster.

The best way to do UPSKILLING | Interview Mocha


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