The new 14-inch Acer Swift 5 (2019) has received a BIG upgrade – with new Intel 10th Gen Ice Lake processors, MUCH faster Nvidia MX250 graphics, Thunderbolt 3 – and all while weighing just 990g! These are my first impressions of the Swift 5!
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50 thoughts on “The Acer Swift 5 just got a BIG Upgrade! [10th Gen + MX250 + 990g] | The Tech Chap

  1. Hey man. I would like to ask you to help me. Im from Brazil and im looking to buy a new laptop, as my vaio carries 6 and a half year in the back. I study Engineering and i pretend to use the most out of this device, such as office package, CAD, movies, a lot of web browsing, etc. The only problem is that It needs to be extremely light because I have herniated Disc. Which Windows laptops would you recomend???

  2. I wouldn’t mind if it did reach at least a 1kg, by making the chassis a uniform square instead of it being shaved off near the end.

  3. is it a 25W MX-250? it will be pointless if it is just a 10W version, which will just make the laptop heavier, hotter and waste more energy

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