Dear Mr. President,

I am having a hard time.
Have I misunderstood something?
I thought it was your job to care for all of the people that call this country their home.
This is our home.
This is serious.
I take this seriously.

This is my home.
This is his home.
This is her home.
This is their home.
This is our home.
No matter where we were born.
No matter how long we’ve been here.
No matter what language we speak.
No matter what body we were born into.
No matter how we live or who we love.
No matter what it says at the bottom of the bank statement.
No matter what political party we affiliate with.
This is our home.

And I thought it was your job to take care of ALL of us.

I thought it was your job to continue to repair the hate and violence of our history and lift us up into a better future, a stronger country, an intelligent country.

You are not leading. I was taught that respect and decency should be the foundation of any leadership. I have never felt so wounded and ashamed to be connected to our president.

Your carelessness and pride have blinded you.
It is clear to anyone who chooses to look.

You have become another painful stitch in the devastating tapestry that is our flag.

I will not blindly pledge allegiance to a leader that dishonors the people.
I will not let my voice be drowned out by the overwhelming ocean of corruption.
I will rise from the careless flames of your actions,
And I will demand more from our leadership.
We the people, every one of us, deserve it.


May Erlewine

That’s My Home – Video Credits

Produced and Directed by May Erlewine and John Hanson
Director of Photography Joshua Thomas Skinner
Edited by Scott McCambridge
Color Joshua Skinner
Production Assistants:
Jamie Schuab
Brenin Wertz-Roth
Spencer Brown

Featuring: (In order of appearance)
May Erlewine
Yuka Oba-Muschiana
Penelope Pratt
Eana Agopian

Special Thanks
Leslie Poucher Pratt, Andrea Moreno-Beals, Allisha Lightning Poucher, Leland Pratt, Renee Link, Daine Hammerle, Sally Keiser, Cecelia Hammerle, Lajanae Bijøn-Smith, Glenn Goodfellow, Simon Kittok, Scott Hunter, John Hunter

WKTV, Tom Norton, Nate Diedrich, Brenin Wertz-Roth, Jamie Schaub, Gorilla Pictures, Joey Schultz, Tyler Duncan, Max Lockwood, Rachele Guastella, Dan Muschiana

That’s My Home – Song Credits

From the album Second Sight
Written by May Erlewine
Produced By: May Erlewine
Recorded At: The Barber Shop (Ann Arbor, MI)
Engineered By: @Tyler Duncan
Mixed By:
@Jake Birch
Jay Blank,
Mix assistent: Sam Antosiak
Mix Feedback: Tyler Duncan
Mastered By: Devin Kerr at Goodhertz, Inc.

Piano: Tyler Duncan
Drums and Percussion: Michael Shimmin
Bass: Dominic John Davis
Rhythm Guitar: Eric Andrew Kuhn
Electric Guitar Theo Katzman
Synths: Joe Hettinga
Strings: Brad Phillips , Katri Ervamaa, Gabe Kitayama-Bolkosky, Steffani Kitayama-Bolkosky
Strings Arranged by Brad Phillips
Background Vocals: @Graham Parsons

source: https://goindocal.com/

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5 thoughts on “That’s My Home – May Erlewine

  1. This reflection on our current situation, on the hurt and fear of it, on the strength and care we need to heal it, I find touching and inspiring.

    Thank you for it.

  2. Well said & sung. So important to present art like this, musically and cinematically, during this time of upheaval. Brava!

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