That Turtle is Mean: Fails of the Week (May 2019) | FailArmy

Happy Friday! It’s time for the fails of the week! This week we have a turtle with a bad attitude, a drone that meets a terrible end, and more!!

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  1. John Burden says:

    That drone footage is awesome as hell right up until he biffed it…

  2. Shianne McPherson says:

    Wait what happened at 0:57

  3. MrGameHD says:

    wer vergisst denn die Handbremse zu ziehen

  4. Analigiamruiz says:

    One of the best videos I have ever seen

  5. Zayb Shah says:

    0:56 was my favourite. I passed out from laughing so much. I’m not lying. I dont know how I’m here

  6. Pugster says:

    That was some sick ass drone footage until he wrecked it.

  7. SparklingGarbage UwU says:

    1:08 I love their laughs

  8. Mathin3D says:

    FAIL, bitches!

  9. Seth Ellison says:

    2:30 …. ah that’s a common snapping turtle

  10. jason willy says:

    Nice journey

  11. JL Sagely says:

    That’s not a tortoise you daffy dingbat.

  12. George Lewandowski says:

    Dump the ghosted side panels! They ARE ANNOYING!!!

  13. Barbara Boros says:

    The ice auger is still going…

  14. Joseph Donald says:

    I always see the runaway augers all the time, all you have to do is pick it up from the blade, turn it upside down, and smash the motor to Oblivion.

  15. agoes cahyana says:

    Poor dick –"

  16. Compilations says:

    Tickled my thongs

  17. Fisher Doane says:

    First one: Don’t flip on a bike/scooter like that! That had to hurt

  18. Mat says:


  19. Boston Brotherhood says:

    What kind of moron pets a snapping turtle?

  20. snixz says:

    3:02 CJ

  21. GeorgeJansen says:

    06:04. Nxt time slow it down by getting behind

  22. GeorgeJansen says:

    5:24. Wait. I'm superman/brightburn . Let me grab it and stop the darn thing

  23. GeorgeJansen says:

    4:16. How to make nascar exciting? Take note Fox /NBC

  24. TraviTrail says:

    One time when I was camping in New Mexico…an alien flew down and crawled into my tent…it started eating my ass and I accidentally farted…it just stared at me for a second and then ran off into the woods.

  25. lezzman says:

    Vertical filmers suck donkey bollocks!

  26. Rodja says:

    2:40 best part 🙂

  27. tHiNk AbOuT LiFe P13ase says:

    We need a compilation of people bouncing off the floor when they fall.

  28. Kinzi9478 says:

    2:16 new fortnite dance

  29. bartsshorts says:

    once i was fishing with 2 guys, accidently a big wild turtle got hooked, we tried for a few ins to get the hook out its neck, then my mate just cut the wire, the turtle went back in the lake, poor thing eh.

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