Thai Lion Air flight report, SL101 full flight review from Singapore to Bangkok, onboard the B737-900ER aircraft.

Flight time is 2 hours and 15 minutes, with pre-ordered meals served after take-off and buy-on-board food and beverage service available. I pre-booked my chicken paneang curry with rice meal for S$6.80. Inflight, the same meal costs $8. In addition to two choices of hot meal (spicy chicken and non-spicy chicken), cup noodles are also available.

There were some storms in the vicinity during landing, with bouts of lightning seen. It was generally a smooth flight experience with Thai Lion Air.

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  1. OwenTravels says:

    that guy ahead of you is so selfish to put his belonging in the front compartment while he's seated in the middle part of the cabin. Kinda pissed me with this type of careless passenger. Anyhow, it was a nice trip report, Gavin. Cabin crew looks nice and warm.

  2. moris moris says:

    Korean air review pleasse

  3. dbf240573 says:

    There is a new meaning for Fridays, and that is another great Flighttravels report!!!.

  4. Hasan 737-8E9 says:

    Hello Flight Travels! Thanks for this review of Thai lion air.I kinda feel they are a lot better than their Indonesian counterpart interms of service and all.Looking forward to your next review mate!

  5. gary chopping says:

    nice video . why did the guy place his suitcase ( large) in the opposite area to where he was sitting kind of selfish taking another persons storage area?

  6. Teresa Tourism says:

    So nice video

  7. Alexander Sharp says:

    Awesome once again FlightTravels keep it up take care

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