27 thoughts on “Tesla may run into cultural issues at Shanghai factory, analyst says

  1. holy shit you guys are so out of touch. The stock just rocketed and every chinese person with enough money wants a tesla but this is what you report on?

  2. OMG let it go!!!
    You look like a cheater husband cought in the act trying to say it's not what it looks like!
    You are WRONG!!!!!!

  3. Just about everything the guy says is factual incorrect. X did not cannabalize s. The main customers are not premium. Look at the trade ins for model 3. Most buyers are trading up. Taycan numbers are comparable to model s. It just costs twice as much. Tesla is a sought after brand in China.

  4. CNBC is the worst,
    Even when Tesla crushes earnings and grows revenue year over year they keep trying to find any way to knock the stock down.
    They rely too much on advertising from ICE vehicle companies.
    10 years behind.
    Demand issues?
    They can’t make cars fast enough to meet demand (not a bad “issue” to have)
    Not profitable?
    That’s proven wrong now.
    Debt level too high?
    Growing the biggest car manufacturing facilities in EV costs money. Model Y ramp, Shanghai and next Europe…
    Now they want to spin that there will be “cultural issues” in the China factory…🙃
    That’s what you do when you open a new manufacturing plan. You hire a lot of people to get it up and running, you get to know the employees and keep the best and fire less productive employees to cut costs. I think most Chinese workers would love the opportunity to work for a company like Tesla.
    I love his show and perspectives on the stock market…I bet Tesla crushing earnings this quarter won’t even come up on his show this week, and if it does, he will also spin it negatively.
    CNBC 🤯

  5. Lmao! Is this what CNBC has resorted to? “Cultural issues”? Once Tesla makes huge profits, they resort to “cultural issues” 🤣👎🏼

  6. CNBC you guys are the most bias people I have ever seen !!!! LOL at first I used to think you guys weren't but ill admit you guys fooled me but I can see it clear as day now LMAO even when Tesla does good stuff you guys aways try to find a way to spin it off as negative news Shanghai was built in less than a year !!! like holy shit they keep growing year over year and they aren't stopping , but u guys love Jim chanos ????? but his returns are ass why do u guys love him so much

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