Teen embeds message about Xinjiang Uyghurs in TikTok make-up vid

Full story: A teenager who spoke out about the plight of Uighurs in Xinjiang has challenged the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok over its decision to block her from posting new content.

Feroza Aziz, 17, made headlines earlier this week after posting videos detailing the treatment of Uyghurs by the Chinese authorities. She sought to sneak through TikTok’s content moderation system by disguising the clips as “makeup tutorials.”

Aziz told HKFP on Wednesday that she took advantage of viewers’ interest in fashion to make her message heard. The videos netted more than half a million “likes” on the popular social platform, and its duplicates on other platforms have been viewed millions of times.
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  1. tamim saif says:

    god bless this girl. she Is so beautiful yet so concern about the world and peace omg im truly impressed. go girl

  2. Anna Grudina says:

    This brainless teen talked as if she knew what is going on in Xinjiang. Just passing on the hearsay is not the same as a proven truth that has been gained through objective investigation

  3. Ndoro Kakung says:

    Good job girl

  4. Barry aLLen says:

    This is for the people that don’t believe in Jesus Christ this is it no one knows the day or the hour but it does say in the Bible it will be signs and it just getting started


    Terrorists getting a small dose to treat their mental disorder.
    Don't worry. Get well soon

  6. Harley Yiğit says:

    Very brave of you 👍💪. The good and righteous intended of the world is with you

  7. Hafeez113 Mohmd says:

    Brave Girl Slapped China with her Style

  8. Raunak Thakur says:

    Now Chinese CCP tasting it's own medicine

  9. Decent Person says:

    One intelligent Afghan girl. I see her a bright future if she joins Afghan politics instead of this Fashion thing.

  10. TonyDracon says:

    fake n gay

  11. 緋村朝矢 says:

    lol no sourcing at all on this video. no proof of mass murder or rape of any kind. utter propoganda

  12. 2Day B4U says:

    Good..this is what your ancestor had done to India during Mughal rule (Mongol rule)…

  13. G C3 says:

    You know after Trump signed the bill into law in support of Hong Kong protesters I just realized something… Democrats & Republicans plus all other parties agree on this lol. China needs to be careful

  14. 磯野和己 says:

    This is very clever way to send message to mainland Chinese citizens to make them wake up and realize how they have been cheated, lied, and mislead by their own government, and help them see what is really happening in their own country.
    Also if hundreds and thousands of such videos are eliminated, then TIC TOC has to admit there is political will behind it.

    I hope people from all around the world use similar tactics and raise the human right issues in Uygher, Tibet, HongKong, and FalunGong practitioners.

  15. abc2390986 says:

    Still I think people should just stay away from Tiktok to avoid unnecessary spying. In fact I still do not understand why using Tiktok while the original Twitter and Vine are still kicking. Every cool effects and background tracks you spot from it, is stolen works from somewhere else. Tiktok is a farmore shameless software than wechat.

  16. Zes says:

    the spirit is ok, but it's otherwise idiotic, dumb idiots believing in everything the content editing western media saying

  17. Yiran Hu says:

    How much truth is in there? Is spreading misinformation is the way to combat injustice?

  18. jamal ali says:

    Mashallah what a brilliant, intelligent & clever girl. She used their own propaganda application to bring attention to the plight of innocent Muslims in China. 1.5-3 million Muslims in Concentration camps, world wars have been started for less.

  19. Caveat Piet says:

    Boom! Tiktok is a Chinese platform. Right in their face.

  20. James Cook says:

    Conservative Twitter users (many of whom have all been banned for their politics) sympathize!

  21. 0equals1 says:

    Just when I feared the world would be lulled to a terminal dimwitted sleep by their "smart" phones, along comes the inspirational creativity of first the HK uprising, and now this. Flawless comic timing! Yes, turn eyes to China's prisons in Xinjiang and Tibet, India's prison in Kashmir, Israel/USA prison in Gaza, all the world's prisons – while making those eyes cuter too! Enough talk – gotta go grab my lash curler…

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