Teen defiant despite alleged ban on TikTok video about Uighurs

Chinese-owned TikTok has denied banning a Muslim American teen over a viral video she made about the plight of Uighurs in detention in China.
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  1. Kaleem Ahmed says:

    U have done great job

  2. Black account 1 says:

    R*ped??.. forced to eat pork?..
    What are the sources ..

  3. Black account 1 says:


  4. Sarah Minhtran says:

    Banning wouldn't stop her

  5. FreeBird always says:

    terrorist propaganda

  6. Apex Legends Momentes says:

    She is a terrorist

  7. huzar237 says:

    Lol so she’s a terrorist now 😂😂😂😂

  8. petra bach says:

    But its true ,they cant handle the truth just like India and Kashmir

  9. Human Galaxy says:

    This is what happens when you speak the truth?

  10. Deepak Joshi says:

    China will curb extremism

  11. Yoga Wan says:

    Lol using Lifestyle App for political message? No wonder u get banned.

    Go use YouTube instead, YouTube is more general in contents.

    Btw, not Only TikTok that can ban accounts, YouTube also the same.

  12. noble jose says:

    But Pakistan still Licking the boots of Chinese. 😁😁😁

  13. Alok Abhishek says:

    Good luck PAKISTAN ….they already stepped into your country…..now they will gonna do the same thing with you guys in several years from now ….. so better ready for that

  14. Baron Harkonnen says:

    Too bad people in America don't feel the same way for the Muslims fighting oppression in Palestine. If the Uighurs fight back they will be called heroes but when the Palestinians fight back they are called terrorists.

  15. #In thE tiMe oF lifE says:

    china is doing ryt. india should follow.


    Many of my friends who have been to China say the same. Dr Zakir Nayak calls it the biggest issue of Muslims at the moment. It more brutal than Israel and Kashmir.

  17. Umar Hussaini says:

    Let's put dislike on Tiktok in Play store

  18. Ubaid Anis says:

    You are Brave we support you.

  19. Shantanukumar Maity says:

    Turkey 🇹🇷 and Pakistan 🙄 🇵🇰 pays more money on China's Projects and to PLA.. 😂😂😂 Erdogan 🇨🇳, Imran🇨🇳 , Hassan ruhani🇨🇳… 😂😂😂.. They're just few million muslims , Don't worry. 😂😂😂 ..

  20. a c says:

    Complete support to China keep up with your good work

  21. George Babu says:

    Why is Aljazeera not talking about it…lol..Is Qatar really scared of China?? or is oil money more important than humanity??

  22. Alvin Johnson says:

    ALL MUSLIMS on All Social Media platforms Should Spread Awareness Surrounding the Ummah just like this 💁young woman👈
    Say in'şhāa'Allāh ❗ 💚💟✌✌

  23. 2Day B4U says:

    Good…this is what your ancestor had done to India during Mughal rule (Mongol rule)…

  24. rebellionpower says:

    0:40 Highlighting the word "from" should've been reviewed as its pointless.

  25. 磯野和己 says:

    This is very clever way to send message to mainland Chinese citizens to make them wake up and realize how they have been cheated, lied, and mislead by their own government, and help them see what is really happening in their own country.
    Also if hundreds and thousands of such videos are eliminated, then TIC TOC has to admit there is political will behind it.

    I hope people from all around the world use similar tactics and raise the human right issues in Uygher, Tibet, HongKong, and FalunGong practitioners.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I've been to China a few times, there are Muslims living freely three, many even have businesses selling food. This girl is brainwashed and spreading false information.

  27. tik tookier says:

    She is brave

  28. Ashish Kumar says:

    Niyazi Uncle does not know, what she is talking about…Uighur? What is that?
    And BTW Kashmir bashers, India has 250 million Muslims and they are not all in concentration camps…And whoever blames India, read the history of 1947 war between India and Pakistan on wiki, then you are free to blame whoever you want to…

  29. Mert Yavuz says:

    Türkce alt yazı

  30. Youman says:

    Respect to that girl👏

  31. qwerty 100 says:

    Free East Turkestan.
    Boycott China.

  32. Inam Shah says:

    She is my future wife.

  33. timothy chung says:

    Make up turns into politics now? As per Muslim issues, when do you folks stop the suicide aggressions? Violence condemning violence gives me the yawns hece why I don't even pay attention or blink anymore.

  34. Azad Ali says:

    Age of whole minorities being slaves I thought slavery was banned according to the UN obviously different rules for the permanent members of the UN

  35. Most Random Videos Ever says:

    See, never knew this…

    Well done for spreading this worldwide though.

  36. Yichen Zhang says:

    how bout google:
    Guantanamo Bay detention camp

  37. DreamingTata VeganMama says:

    Thank you for speaking up and raising awareness for those who are oppressed and could not speak for themselves!

  38. Abu Hurairah says:

    china should know that once there were "powerful mighty" Firaun, Namrud, Hitler on this earth. They are no more today. China should not follow the same path. But sadly people with arrogance tend not to change……
    (all Muslim country should Star formal protest against China.)

  39. Kholis says:

    Good jov TRT

  40. All Our Clips says:

    What the hell you(our enemies) try to ban whatever(our people) but TRT will do whistles blowing keep it up.

  41. Pure Türk says:

    Boycott tiktok everyone uninstall and give bad review's.

  42. rabia zeenat says:

    I love her boldness!!

  43. Harun Omar says:

    2020 I hope it will be good year for everyone stay positive no matter in what we living with fear and hope
    That is good thing
    Don't let negative thoughts control you what will happen only God knows negative minds will not give you happiness

  44. Sayed Muhammad Adnan says:

    So Chinese Government is BAD and so Coward.

  45. Nabil says:

    Smart girl.

  46. Tajamal Ghumman says:


    All big powers are suppressing their Muslims populations even in Muslims Majority areas:

    CHINA in East Turkistan.
    INDIA in Kashmir.
    BURMA in Rakhaine state.
    ISRAHELL in Palestine.
    US/NATO in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya,Yemen, Sudan.
    FRANCE in Mali and other Muslim African countires.
    RUSSIA in Chechenia, Syria.

    But 1.7 billions Muslims can only watch their brethren die like sheep everywhere.
    DEAR MUSLIM UMMAH, when you will understand that all this tyranny can only be stopped by making a single United states of Islam from Africa to Indonasia???

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