Teamextreme raidlands is coming back!


  1. 月兒第五頻道 says:

    Wait a second I Know about you . I'm Moco

  2. Tadokoro Megumi says:

    Hello, everyone. I am pleased to know that you guys are alive. I am Tanex and we created the same server of Team Extreme. Everyone are in there. If you want to join, come into our server and forum! The IP is while the forum is Many of us are already in here, apparently, almost everything is done and the factions are already here. What are you waiting for!

  3. Triassic says:

    While you're recreating raidlands, me and my friends are recreating the whole server.

  4. Robert Ionel says:

    I wish you can get it back…

  5. johnnn wickkk says:

    Check out the new AtlantheaMC a.k.a reformed teamextreme discord for now at

  6. Lo Tolerance says:

    Hachi is the server out yet?

  7. iiNovaZ says:

    Guys i am recreating it too

  8. Lol Man says:


  9. noob man says:

    /f claim of

  10. noob man says:

    /f home

  11. 하늘을 날다Dream Production says:

    hey the sever is unstabilized

  12. 하늘을 날다Dream Production says:

    its great but i don't have 1.13.2 version of titan launcher sir. could you help me?

  13. Hachi22 says:

    Join us now! Ip is

  14. Akhmas Balouch says:


  15. Akhmas Balouch says:

    When it will release plssss telll

  16. Akhmas Balouch says:

    Omgggggggg holyyyy shitttttt its backkkkkkkk yes assesses assesses I missssss this

  17. Dr flexto says:

    this is epic

  18. Fudgie says:

    Can you all shut the fuck up

  19. ChromeSabre says:

    Subscribed, it's me, the guy from reddit.

  20. Big Bucky says:

    When's the server coming out

  21. Hachi22 says:

    I hope old players will see this

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