The Ultimate Battle of Good and Evil vs an Even Eviler Evil! ALL the HEROES, ALL the VILLAINS – MARVEL, DC, STAR WARS, X-MEN, LORD OF THE RINGS, HARRY POTTER, THE MATRIX, TERMINATOR and so many more – will join forces for the first time to take on the most highly-awarded super-villain of all time – OSCAR! Will they triumph and free themselves from their eternal torment? Or will their golden captor wipe the arena with their collective butts? Suit up, strap in and push it to 88 mph for the Biggest, Bombasticest, Hyperbolicest Showdown in HISTORY!
This is the third part of our Super-Bowl Trilogy – make sure you’ve seen the first two first:
SUPER-HERO-BOWL! – The Ultimate Battle of Good vs Good!

SUPER-VILLAIN-BOWL! – The Ultimate Battle of Evil vs Evil!




(thank you so much!)

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  1. Marcus Gadsden says:

    If we don't get Super Anime Bowl or Super Videogame Bowl, I'm done

  2. Gemini says:

    Karma IS the reference in this showdown, huh?

  3. Flex Plus says:

    You definently should!!!!!!!!….. But still make it really funny

  4. Flex Plus says:

    You all should do hero vs hero or team vs team or villain vs villain etc.

  5. IndianIRSScammer says:


  6. Thomas Bevan says:

    It’s just the hunger games over again dammit

  7. DogeHawke says:

    Isn't Mickey Mouse supposed to be the Oscar for the super Cartoon bowl?

  8. Ks xX says:

    09:06 i was hoping for Vader to turn to Anakin again!!

  9. Darth Maul says:

    Let’s make this the most liked video in 2020

  10. General Reaper 2.0 says:

    when they were in slow motion why were the rest of the characters still runing in the background

  11. Tall_fish sticks Gamers says:

    After a year they finally add this

  12. Paolocraf Gaming says:

    So basicly the super showdown bowl is gonna repeat but with other kinds of entertainment stuff

  13. two sided says:

    me: dying
    my friend: thats normal

  14. Matías Peñailillo says:

    Pls legue of legends

  15. Fikiroloji says:

    Dünyanın en iyi kanalı

  16. Ahmet Serkan Kara says:

    good job broh

  17. lazarus1867 says:

    damn it i wish rick and morty was in it.

  18. Hilario Ramos says:

    I was eye raped when everyone lined up lol

  19. Pineapple Carboard says:

    How did Vin Diesel Get Out Of Optimus Price When He Transformed?

  20. Sergio Aguirre says:

    10:17 Where is Mary Poppins y'all

  21. Harry Potter says:

    It’s more like a love story

  22. Youngest Studios says:

    I’m so hyped fo video game bowl

  23. kikotemini says:

    Amazing I want more

  24. Taylor ____Trip says:

    Can i get the super-game bowl pls?

  25. Shiela Reyes says:

    Pennywise didn’t do crap

  26. Gary Davault says:

    1939 wow WW2 started they went to WW2

  27. Michael Gillespie says:

    What does 2shay mean

  28. Golden Singer says:


  29. Svaddze says:


  30. Evility Evolotus says:

    Some characters came back after dying.
    (Not after Oscar died)

  31. Luca Pena says:

    eVeryone sHUT UP bLACK WIdOW IS TALKING!!!

  32. Mr Random says:

    … wow

  33. Deutscher Pudding says:

    What about Super Anime bowl

  34. JUSTIN MARTIN says:

    Furry bowl!

  35. Abdullah Malla Othman says:

    #cococoolmade 😀

  36. Emily Cho says:

    This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen!

  37. Eren Demirbaş says:

    Super video game pls and game is undertale

  38. Shadow Splash says:

    OMFG Harley Pool is the cutest "Super" couple ever!

  39. alessandro stival says:

    10:38 …

  40. Joseph Joestar says:

    Can we get a full version of ‘every superhero’?

  41. people plays roblox says:

    Is the black racer in this

  42. Re8pz says:

    what the song at the end its pretty good

  43. people plays roblox says:

    How is doctor strange there if Thanos has all the infinity stones including the stone in his head if that’s correct

  44. Seragusse BR says:

    Me.Bills "Hakaii"

  45. David Garcia says:

    3:23 awww he said “Optima price”

  46. stealthboy316 says:

    I honestly don't know how to put this in words.

  47. Olvia Lee says:

    That Was Pretty AWSM!

  48. NetherStar0405 says:

    Those 7.1k of you that disliked

    I hope you step on a lego

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