From Saturday 6th of July to Sunday 28th of July 2019, the 106th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 460 kilometers.

VIVIANI Elia won the stage in Nancy before KRISTOFF Alexander and EWAN Caleb.
ALAPHILIPPE Julian is the Yellow Jersey.

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7 thoughts on “Summary – Stage 4 – Tour de France 2019

  1. Someone complaining about Armstrong commentating on NBC in the U.S??? No surprises there, Lord Druggie is overseeing the largest DRUGSPORT OF ALL TIME!!!! What would u expect from corperate TV. Try watching in the UK, its just a shit storm of TV advertising. Such a shame for REAL CYCLISTS.

  2. I will not watch.
    THey are letting Lance Armstrong spot commentate. I have turned off the coverage and NBC sucks. NBC is trying to promote a racial war in America and they lie all the time. And now Lance on Tv….after he stole millions of dollars, and called everyone liars, and robbed men and their families of fame and podium positions they could have had. NBC is absolutely disgraceful and the coverage sucks.

  3. Do you believe they let Armstrong on the program, hincappie there also! I am so glad someone out there understands what was going on back then!! I was just enjoying the racing then, I figured only the strong survived, I didn’t really get into the politics of cycling, thank God for forgiveness and people being just human.

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