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Bảng mã lỗi và cảnh báo Biến tần Schneider:
F001 Precharge
F002 Unknown drive rating
F003 Unknown or incompatible power
F004 Internal serial link fault
F005 Invalid industrialization zone
F006 Current measurement circuit
—- Problem with application firmware
F007 Internal thermal sensor detected
F008 Internal CPU
F010 Overcurrent
F018 Motor short-circuit
F019 Ground short-circuit
F020 IGBT short circuit
F025 Overspeed
F028 Autotuning fault
F033 AI1 current loss
F009 Overbraking
F011 Drive overheat
F012 Process overload
F013 Motor overload
F014 1 Output phase loss
F015 3 Output phases loss
F016 Main overvoltage
F017 Input phase loss
F021 Load short circuit
F022 Modbus interruption
F024 HMI communication
F029 Process underload
F027 IGBT overheat
F031 Incorrect
(1) Invalid configuration
F030 Undervoltage
InIt: Auto-initialization on
Communication error
(1) Key alarm
Confirm fault reset
Drive mismatch
(1) ROM abnormality
RAM abnormality
Other fault
AP1 4-20 loss warning on analog input AI1
CAS1 Customer warning 1
CtA Motor current high threshold reached
CtAL Motor current low threshold reached
drAY Dry run monitoring function warning
EFA External error warning
F2A Second frequency threshold reached
F2AL Motor frequency low threshold 2 reached
FCtA Fan counter warning
FFdA Fan feedback warning
FLA High speed reached
FqLA Motor frequency high threshold 2 reached
FrF Fallback frequency reaction
FSA Flow limitation monitoring function is active
FtA Motor frequency high threshold reached
FtAL Motor frequency low threshold reached
HFPA High flow monitoring function warning
IPPA Inlet pressure monitoring function warning level reached
JAMA Anti-Jam maximum cycle counter reached
LCA1 Life cycle warning 1
LFA Low flow monitoring function warning level reached
LPA Low pressure monitoring function warning level reached
noA No warning stored
OLA Process overload warning
OPHA High outlet pressure warning
OPLA Low outlet pressure warning
OPSA High outlet pressure switch warning
PCPA Pumpcycle warning
PEE PID error warning
PFA PID feedback warning
PFAH PID feedback high threshold warning
PFAL PID feedback low threshold warning
PISH PID feedback regulation warning
PLFA Pump low flow warning level reached
POWd Power consumption warning
PtHA Power high threshold reached
PtHL Power low threshold reached
rLS Speed maintained function is active
rtAH Reference frequency high threshold reached
rtAL Reference frequency low threshold reached
SrA Reference frequency reached
Stt Detected error without stop according to [Type of stop] Stt
tAd Drive thermal threshold reached
tHA Drive thermal state warning
tJA IGBT thermal state warning
tP2A Thermal sensor warning on analog input AI2
tP3A Thermal sensor warning on analog input AI3
tP4A Thermal sensor warning on analog input AI4
tP5A Thermal sensor warning on analog input AI5
tSA Motor thermal threshold reached
ULA Process underload warning
UPA Preventive undervoltage active
USA Undervoltage warning
[Angle error] ASF
[Incorrect Configuration] CFF
[Invalid Configuration] CFI
[Conf Transfer Error] CFI2
[Fieldbus Com Interrupt] CnF
[Precharge Capacitor] CrF
[Channel Switch Error] CSF
[EEPROM Control] EEF1
[External Error] EPF1
[Fieldbus Error] EPF2
[Boards Compatibility] HCF
[Internal Link Error] ILF
[Internal Error 0] InF0
[Internal Error 27] InFr
[Input Contactor] LCF
[AI1 4-20mA loss] LFF1
[DC Bus Overvoltage] ObF
[Overcurrent] OCF
[Drive Overheating] OHF
[Process Overload] OLC
[Motor Overload] OLF
[Single Output Phase Loss] OPF1
[Output Phase Loss] OPF2
[Supply Mains Overvoltage] OSF
[PID Feedback Error] PFMF
[Program Loading Error] PGLF
[Program Running Error] PGrF
[Input phase loss] PHF
[Motor short circuit] SCF1
[Ground Short Circuit] SCF3
[IGBT Short Circuit] SCF4
[Motor Short Circuit] SCF5
[Modbus Com Interruption] SLF1
[PC Com Interruption] SLF2
[HMI Com Interruption] SLF3
[Motor Overspeed] SOF
[Motor Stall Error] StF
[AI2 Thermal Sensor Error] t2CF
[IGBT Overheating] tJF
[Autotuning Error] tnF

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