Stabilize Shaky Footage Tutorial with Mocha and After Effects CC

In this AE tutorial you will learn how to stabilize shaky video within adobe after effects.
YOu will learn how to use mocha ae cc to create a simple track and use the tracking information to stabilise a shot.
Learn how to invert the tracking data to go from motion tracking to motion stabilization.
You will also learn a lot about setting up a comp and workflows in After Effects by flomotion.
You can also watch the quick tip on how to stabilize your footage


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  1. Nina Füger says:

    Thank you for this! I‘ ve learned a lot

  2. Tarun Verma Films says:

    why did you in press invert in mocha???

  3. Aris Melachroinos says:

    You are wrong when you said on 4:00 that the higher the number, the more accurate the track.

  4. Rony Dey says:

    Awesome this is … it's really amazing tutorials from camera stabilize mode 👍👌✌for Mocha Ae Versions hi sir myself Rony an animation CG VFx student from India

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