Sonic.exe is here! Ft. Baldi’s Basics. If Halloween’s Michael Myers took on Jason Voorhees. An Animation in Minecraft world where Michael Myers meets Sonic the Hedgehog’s evil form and Jason for a new movie they won’t forget. School is out, its time for HALLOWEEN CAMPING!

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FuturisticHub (Me) as Granny and Grandpa

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This is SONIC.EXE vs MICHAEL MYERS & JASON Ft. BALDI HALLOWEEN Official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Welcome to camp! Want more Baldi’s Basics? JASON? How about more GRANNY, SONIC, and SUPER MARIO! Subscribe! If Sonic.exe vs Michael Myers and Jason Voohees in Camp, this is a taste of what you would see.


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  1. FuturisticHub says:

    IT'S HERE! Action packed so watch every single MINUTE OF THIS for me! <3 Hit LIKE if you want to see Sonic.EXE get more evil! Subscribe and hit the bell icon so you don't miss another one! Thanks so much, hope your Halloween was amazing! Love you all and i'll see you very soon ! <3

  2. Xiam Baun says:

    Like – new bus
    Reply – no bus

  3. LifeAndHell says:

    Jason:*struggling to get his weapon out*
    michal: *stabbing jason*

  4. LaSonya Wilson says:

    8:13 replace the city with ll

  5. gherman luz says:


  6. ShadowWhacker55 says:

    Myico miyrs why is he attacking Jason but Sonic.exe Is making them CRAZY but I am a youtuber too don't forget to subsicbe

  7. Donesha Anthony says:

    What happened to sonic.exe

  8. 2509tmommy says:

    sonic is evil now

  9. Aden playz says:

    9:04 wuaaaahhhhhhh

  10. Melissa Ramirez says:

    I love it make it longer

  11. helpmeet06 says:

    Sonic.exe is a spirit called exeller

  12. Safwan Islam says:


  13. tails playz says:


  14. Baaset Wayezy says:

    8:09 Shut up and Drive old man

  15. Mir Masiullah Wayezy says:

    8:09 Sonic exe:Shut up and drive old ma

  16. Tajul Yahya Islam says:

    His name is jason

  17. Raihanahussaini Hussaini says:

    Hopefully kids aren't watching this..

  18. Goltaj Akrami says:

    Slenderman stolen sonic's soul he is sonic.exe

  19. Yo Bro Moyo says:

    You are the best at making videos

  20. Jane Twd says:

    they're unkilledable

  21. Jacqueline Torres says:

    steve can you please make a fourth of pennwise vs baldi and sonic

  22. Daajxc says:

    So baldi won

  23. requiem games says:

    5:40 What's the music called?

  24. Butcher’s Gamer says:

    Jason and Michael vs sonic.exe and baldi basics Michael Myers teen up with Jason

    Get a like Futuisichub

  25. Consuelo Sigala says:

    Baldi i wish i could help you

  26. Consuelo Sigala says:

    Stop it sonic.exe

  27. Hezekiah Gaming says:

    8:09 Shut up and drive old Man!!

  28. Hezekiah Gaming says:

    At 0:27 did anyone Saw sonic.exe Did That before

  29. darien lepua says:

    Why do even be a bully sonic exe DAM!

  30. darien lepua says:

    Stop being a bully sonic exe!

  31. FNAF GIRL 37 says:

    Your one of the best minecraft animators

  32. Ashley DeBord says:

    When is the next part of Michel Myers and Jason vs sonic exe and baldi

  33. Hüseyin Arslanfer says:

    Jason can live under water and he has powers

  34. Thëø says:

    I just notice it's December Friday the 13 and im watching this and Jason is there 😞

  35. Mercury hee says:

    so is that is true darkness

  36. Ste Vez says:

    When baldi jumped off the bus it was a fortnite reference

  37. Jayce Bodden says:

    Happy halloween

  38. Daphne Verdin says:

    Hey futuristicHub I’m new person I’m takoda I been watching a lot of years

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