Sonam Kapoor Gives a Lesson in ’90s Bollywood Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Sonam Kapoor’s familiarity with the elegant aesthetic that is Bollywood beauty is both innate, and cultivated through hours in the makeup chair.

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Sonam Kapoor Gives a Lesson in ’90s Bollywood Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


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  1. Shaheen khan says:

    Kiske pas h etna time…hahah

  2. varsha chandrashekar says:

    I think she is very realistic ✌🏻and portrays the way she is. She evn tld she had lines under skins which most ppl dont tell or they hide. Respect for her♥️


    Prem ratan dhan payo song she looks very pretty

  4. Rosy Banerjee says:

    What is she wearing on right hand? Does it prevent stress on thumb….sorry I wanna know….as I myself have problem regarding that.

  5. SuperRiya16 says:

    She’s got a lovely smile

  6. Zarmina Khan says:

    Wwwow she is so honest love her

  7. Naina Billore says:

    I really loved you in neerja

  8. Anushri Thanedar says:

    this needs to go viral!

  9. Nakul Sharma says:

    I may not appreciate her as an actress but she is an bonafide fashion icon.

  10. Sanjana Moza says:

    Maybelline NewYork fit me foundation fits for Indian skin

  11. Revampastry t says:

    Dr Sturm ….oh yea

  12. Nourah A says:

    I’m an Arab girl and Arab girls have a lot in common with indian girls, like the big black eyes and beautiful eyebrows so we also tend to smudge our eyes with black eyeliner and brown eyeshadow 😂💕.

  13. Jaya Diana says:

    Don't like her. Nepotism to its core. Horrible actress. Arrogant and beauty guru? Puhlease, she used to be overweight (not that is a problem) but bij, the fact she dissed Deepika and other celebs for their style or quirks is embarrassing. There's nothing about her that is interesting. Her dad? Maybe😌

  14. Potato Gaming says:

    I think she needs enough sleep


    her bindi is weird

  16. suchandan nandi says:


  17. Srikanth Paniker says:

    In all Due honesty, Sonam kapoor is The most psychologically and emotionally twisted person in bollywood.

  18. Neha Jain says:

    Oh god just can't get over with it.. She is gorgeous

  19. Ameera Fatima says:


  20. kashish jindal says:

    I m glad that she talked about the skin shades for indian girls in indian market, it is a huge problem

  21. cuteAyDi6 says:

    Love the way you are showing how to conceal the age spots and under eye circles.. I’m exactly same skin as yours..

  22. Archita Sinha says:

    NYC ya..but she has not used any l'oreal product😘😝

  23. Pearl says:

    We need more bollywood stars on this series please!!

  24. Made Easy says:

    Without makeup actress nothing

  25. Shiva shambu 55555 says:

    She is so ugly like ghodi

  26. _shamitha_ .g says:

    11:37.are u kidding me?? being an Indian who tf doesn't know what sindoor is?

  27. Sheliak says:

    and so i somehow ended up here watching a COMPLETE make up tutorial

  28. R Laxmi says:

    At the end she kind of looked like Rehka

  29. Ocho 8 says:

    what’s the band on her wrist??

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