Solving error 29 in this iPhone 4S

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This is showing an iPhone 4S with error 29 when restoring with iTunes.

This movie is for showing an example of what The
Computer Room Nottingham can do for any
issues you may have with computers, iphones and ipods.
It was made by Leon Stacey and is no
way a guide of how repairs can be performed by anyone
else and to that end, The Computer Room Nottingham
and Leon Stacey cannot be held responsible for
anything that happens from you undertaking repairs
yourself of any nature. Terms and Conditions of using our
services are at


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  1. bandisai teja says:

    iPhone 4s iTunes 29error

  2. Givanildo Marinheiro says:

    Tks man!!!!!

  3. EvilKris says:

    spent countless hours repairing a broken screen and putting in a new battery to replace the old dead one on my ancient iphone 4s.
    Magically got the iphone working and all in the world was good and fine until i decided to update the software. Error 39 upon recovery. And now I've got to solder shit? damn.. Guess it's time to call it a day and actually get the newest one.
    <—-puts iphone in the trashcan.

  4. Antonio Silva says:

    only chenge batery

  5. OEZ says:

    how did you fix it?????? please show or explain without cutting the video and then telling us what you did..

  6. David Novick says:

    Sorry for the elementary question, but what was the fix, exactly?

  7. afroz kk says:

    Hi I got iPhone 4s it is disable and I try to restore it but when I connect it to tune it go fine and after some time it shows error -39 hope you can help me

  8. Reymar Arevalo says:

    this vid is really useful…thanks man! ur such a genius…i've resolved error 29 in my iphone 4S and now it's working properly…thanks also to my friend who lend me his tools in opening my phone. amazing! thanks again Mr. LEON STACEY 😀

  9. Mohamad Elnile says:

    thank you man i fixed my iphone same way … 

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