Today me and WillNE take a look at some of the best TIkTok videos out there so far. If you laugh, you lose. Basically a try not to laugh challenge to insert some well needed positivity into this channel. Videos every Friday from now on!

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James Marriott
Cynic Snacks (

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49 thoughts on “So TikTok Is Actually Funny Now…

  1. James' little animations and graphic work for the vid are always amazing (same with Alex), did James' just animate for Alex then started his own channel or they just got a homie who's hella good does it for them

  2. "Yeah so we had to sift through millions of trash to find something resembling humour"
    *1 minute later *
    "This is a new era of comedy, TikTok is an evolved form of Vines"

  3. There have always been “funny” videos and people trying to replicate Vine on TikTok… but usually they go on for way too long or they’re too scripted etc. lmao

  4. tell you what guys…the girl who lives near the railroad tracks probably didn't fake it. I live next to railroad tracks too, pretty close to the station, and i can actually hear the loudspeaker from my house. When the windows are open in the summer, whenever a train goes by it's pretty freaking loud. And even with closed doors and windows i can hear the trains from the opposite side of the house especially if it's a goods train. you can get used to it tho with time.

  5. Lol I love this video, I love when my favorite Youtubers just enjoy good videos, because I watch a lot of commentary videos so it's nice to see a small fun break!

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