Skyrim is place with and endless number of stories and narratives for the Dragonborn to explore. It seems like every corner of The Elder Scrolls 5 is rich in colorful characters and tales. However, not every single plotline or piece of lore is guaranteed to make the most sense in a world as big as Skyrim and encountering puzzling conundrums and unsolved questions is just a fact of this Bethesda game. Luckily, exploring Skyrim’s unexplained happenings is quite possibly one of the community’s favorite past times. So today we’ll be diving into our fourteenth installment of five unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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36 thoughts on “Skyrim: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 14) Skyrim Secrets

  1. " Shes like a superhero….. but without the super……" um nate that is a black widow and she would just be a hero lol

  2. So if you joined the blades in your playthrough and then did the wolf queen quest, would you be obligated to try and help her take the throne rather than kill her? As a blade, it would be your job to see the true septim heir corinated

  3. You must be Old Herma Mora himself if you can keep pumping out these videos after 8 years

  4. It's a mystery how Nate knows all this information in the game files…and awesome! Thanks Nate, you must spend an lot of time researching and reading, whew. We appreciate you. 🙂

  5. I always figured Erin inherited his wealth and decided to become an adventurer because he was bored in Riften, and happened to come across Mjol at a good time

  6. Nate: Perfect pronunciation of forgotten Dwemer names like Mzinchaleft that aren't even uttered in the whole game.
    Also Nate: Completely butchers Jyggalag as "Jyggalagagiggitywhoppity" or something like that.

  7. What if aren is just a weirdo that stalks women until he can make a heroic save and eventually marry the woman with money and then kill her the for money

  8. I donk know if someone has brought this up before, or there were an answer that i just dont know about, and now that i have the chance, Id like to ask…

    Where did dragons come from? (Yeah, yeah, Akatosh, but where were they originally?) Were there just finite number of Dragons? As i seem to cant find any female dovahs around. How long have dragons infested nirn? As they seem to be the bringer of end times…..Damn i cant think thru my questions, i cant english well

    Any ideas?

  9. Having to pick whether or not to support Potema would be awesome lore challenge. Could easily see people wanting to do it as to reignite the bloodline. Nothing says those in power let her take the throne just long enough to bear an heir. Then let the dragonborn do his thing,kill her again, and raise the kid to be a sane leader. Boom. Septim dynasty reignited. You know those dirty elves would get involved like crazy to try and prevent the rebirth of the true empire too.

    Drama. Intrigue! Story!

  10. Arin Could Be Something Similar To A Valkyrie Which Could Be The Case Since Arin Sounds Like Avian Which Is The Scientific Name For Birds And Valkyries Are Often Depicted As Riding Birds Into Combat Which Arrive To Bring A Warrior To The Halls Of Vallhalla Which Is The Inspiration Of Sovengarde,So It Is Possible That Shor Sent Someone To Collect Mjoll’s Soul But Due To A Error On Shor’s Part She Was Not Dead And Since The Contract Never Expected Such An Error,Arin Is Stuck Following Mjoll Due To It Untill Mjoll Dies

  11. Didn't Mjoll get out of the dungeon on her own, but was to weak to carry on? He just found her outside of the dungeon at carried her to a safe place were he nursed her back to health.

  12. If I remember correctly the humans from Atmora were huge tall people almost as big as the Giants we see in Skyrim. The Giants from Atmora were even bigger.

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