Skyrim is a game rich in secrets and hidden tales. The Elder Scrolls 5 prides itself in being able to consistently wow players and spark the Dragonborn’s curiosity. Indeed, nearly eight years after Skyrim first debuted, there are still a massive amount of unsolved riddled and curios conundrums that Bethesda purposely left to our imaginations and own speculation. So, what a better way to celebrate Skyrim than by exploring some of the most fascinating unexplained narratives and phenomenon in the game as we jump right into our thirteenth episode of five unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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41 thoughts on “Skyrim: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 13) Skyrim Secrets

  1. I would love a full release of Skyrim, one with all the cut content put back in. That would be so cool but probably very hard to run smoothly.

  2. The quest from T.E.S. 4 oblivion is, Through a nightmare, Darkly. Not through a glass darkly. And has nothing to do with Sheogorath.

  3. I bet they were going to make Ulfirc one of the Successors until he used his voice for his own gains and so they don’t trust any one to take over for them so now they wanna live forever

  4. FYI Jergen Windcaller's first name is pronounced Yurgen. Jergen is an anglazied version. Love your videos. Maybe you can do some playthroughs. Thanks Nate

  5. Simple fact :
    Each time dealing with Sheogorat (or something link to him), just stop looking for answrts and understanding.
    He is the God of Madness, trying to understand both of this concepts (Godhood and Madness) is at least impossible.

  6. Nate, you made a rather glaring mistake with Hennantier's quest in Oblivion.

    Hennantier created the Dreamwalker Amulet to allow him to travel into his dreams and use them as a 'proving ground' of sorts. He got stuck in them causing his friend, and local Mages Guild chapter leader Kud-Ei, to enlist the Hero of Kvatch in rescuing Hennantier from his own dreams, insert the 'Through a Nightmare, Darkly' quest.

    Sheogorath's quest in the base game, not including the Shivering Isles expansion, was named after Sheogorath as were all Daedra Lord quests in that game. The objective of the quest was to make a prophecy about the End of the World come true for the superstitious town of Border Watch by causing a 'Plague of Rats' to appear, all their livestock to suddenly 'drop dead' and head into the center of town and watch the fireworks as Sheo makes the last part of the prophecy come true. I kept that as vague as possible because spoilers and that is a fun little quest to do, even if Sheo's offering can be a pain to get

  7. I interpreted the mind of Pelagius as being a pocket plane. Pocket planes aren't part of the usual domain and can look however the daedra lord wishes. So in my view you are in the pocket plane BUT it's also shaped by Pelagius' mind. We know people on Nirn can be kept spiritually alive so it'd be no biggie for Sheogorath to make such a thing.

  8. At some point it feels like I've read that one of the Greybeards isn't not even a nord, instead he's a descendant of an ancient, predated nord race which are now extinct. Ofcourse I could totally reconstruct this, but it ticked something in my brain when seeing that part of the video.

  9. Camelworks has addressed the Falkreath bones in a recent video. There is a rabbit that is scripted to run around this specific area so he believes it to be a Monty Python reference which seems reasonable.

  10. Not only is sheogorath the crazy one, but he is also the most rule breakingly powerful one. You have no inventory access because he wants it that way. Much like how the souls exist in Sovngarde get plagued by alduin, maybe sheogorath has a pocket dimension similar.

  11. To Nate:
    You should do a list of top free houses in Skyrim
    1. Agnes's house near riverwood
    2. Abondon house in markarth
    3. Vantus farmhouse if you don't help cicero
    4. The drug dealer house in riften
    5. Silus house in dawnstar
    6. Bonus house of septimus signus Outpost
    There are probably more and you're at liberty to vary your list as you wish but I thought this would be an awesome idea for you.

    From: an avid viewer

  12. The Bones south of Bleakrock have a rabbit that is scripted to run a certain path through the area. It's thought to be a Monty Python: The Holy Grail reference

  13. Thank you Nate, I love your vids and will play Skyrim forever (thank you modders!), but I am really down on Bethesda right now.

  14. Regarding the Greybeards, we know of at least 3 others who trained in the voice but did not take the title. Balgruuf, Ulfric and the Dragonborn. With the exception of the Dragonborn, it does at least show the Greybreads willingness to train others. It's possible that the throat of the world is a sort of retirement home for those trained in the Way of the Voice. That you get your training go out in the world live a life and retire in your advanced years to the Greybeard order. Jurgen Windcaller was a hero of Mankind against the dragons in his day, it might be Greybeard tradition to emulate that.

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