In today’s ASMR Mukbang I’ll be eating Six Kinds of Oreo! I’m going to eat Red Velvet, Pina Colada, and Mocha Oreos for the first time along with Cookies n Cream Pocky and Chocolate Oreo Wafer Bites! As always, there’s no talking needed for this one. Grab a snack, put your headphones on, and enjoy!
Six Kinds of Oreo | Mukbang ASMR Red Velvet Pina Colada Mocha | No Talking 먹방 For Food’s Sake, ASMR

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Hello and welcome to my ASMR eating channel For Food’s Sake, ASMR! This Mukbang channel is all about experiencing the satisfyingly soothing sounds of tempting treats.

The euphoric head and neck tingling sensation that Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) induces can be brought on by various stimuli and triggers. Hopefully this video gets you feeling all warm and tingly inside. Listen with headphones to optimize your ASMR experience. This video contains extreme eating sounds, gulping sounds, and mouth sounds.

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42 thoughts on “Six Kinds of Oreo | Mukbang ASMR Red Velvet Pina Colada Mocha | No Talking

  1. Hi For Food's Sake ASMR! New friend here. It's the best Oreo Mukbang I have ever seen! 👍😊I had a small mukbang of oreo. Your one is much better 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍 Thank you for sharing, sis! Subscribed! 😊💕😘🙌

  2. Omggggg…. lol. This is the second video of yours I've watched and you may be one of my new FAVORITESSSSSS. ❤☮🥓

  3. I would wear black lipstick too but everytime I eat somethin with even the 24 hr stay on kind it comes off ,love how yours did not!🤘

  4. Luuuuuved this video! I would've been dancing about those Oreo's too!!
    My kids won't try anything but the original flavors , so I cannot buy them for that reason,I'd be the only one eating the whole dern thing!😊

  5. Thanks for the information about Oreo's… Great to know about it 😀👍👍Oreo's are my favourite cookies 😋😋that red velvet & chocolate Oreo wafer bites looks so cute 😍😍and I love to eat Oreo with milk…. Best flavour with together 👍👍

  6. Outstanding video! I am glad I came across your channel! I've never seen someone create such magnificent work! Very impressive! I can't wait to
    see what's next.

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