Sitting and Smiling: A Viral TikTok Mystery Explained | The Scary Side of TikTok


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Hello my loves! Today I’m here to discuss and deep dive into the Sitting and Smiling TikTok account and what’s going on with her videos. So many of you have sent this my way so I HAD to deep dive into it and figure out what was happening.
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  1. Swamp Dweller says:

    I am a simple man, Loey uploads and I stan.

  2. Kendra Dawn says:

    When are you coming out with a makeup line? You always look so amazing!

  3. Madison Spencer says:

    The mask that is behind her at 10:00 looks like the mask from the movie The Strangers.

  4. Jenna Dickie says:

    3:22 is when she starts

  5. Sofya Manevich says:

    I love your videos so much! I just wanted to know what the name of the intro song is?

  6. Celeste Calderon says:

    you really think a missing girl will be allowed to have a phone 😐

  7. Kaylie says:

    girl, its called acting…………

  8. lynette murphy says:

    this may be weird but i could listen to ur voice all day ,,, it’s so so pretty ?? 🥺💘

  9. Sylvia Crafts says:

    I think it's funny how you guys are falling for this…

  10. Kitsune Hoppingtail says:

    She’s spitting out multiple signs that something is wrong. The videos she has that she’s not smiling or blinking on certain words are giving me some bad vibes that something is going on. If she had the number 17 above her head as an emergency number, smiling then stopped and smiled again, and did them in another video.. She might’ve had something or someone in the room. Blinking on certain words like “Trapped in the bathroom” or “Scared” means something to me and gives me an uneasy feeling, even if she’s just doing it for TikTok. I might sound crazy for believing in something like this that might not be a problem, but I’ve never had a problem like this and never did videos on TikTok to contact people for help in signs I can show. If something would’ve happened to me like this, I wouldn’t know what to do but panic and scream. This has red flags everywhere, red flags at the signs she gives and worry for her safety, even though she said she was fine and safe. I don’t feel right about how she slowly looked at the camera then snapped back, and the broken mirror! I don’t know if it was caused by a fight or.. Or if something spiritual came through and she never mentioned it. Sorry that this is way to long, I just say what’s on my mind about this stuff and it kinda gets a lot to read, sorry again. 😓

    Also, when she had 17 on top, it could’ve been her saying that her age was 17. It could’ve been both, her placing 17 as an emergency or to say her age.

  11. chanel corredor says:

    It locked up in the button not locked up in the bathroom

  12. Miranda Ramchandani says:

    I love you Lo💗 Since you dyed your hair you look like a majestic AF Ariel😍

  13. Tiffany Dangelo says:

    If she is kidnapped she wouldn’t be allowed to have a phone.

  14. Taylor Af says:

    Every time loey doesn’t open her videos with “hi helloey, my name is loey” I die a little on the inside

  15. Gingerbreadzie says:

    Hi Loey!
    I'm a huge fan haha
    I am a really big Jack Stauber fan and I have loved him for years now, but I just wanted to share the Lyrics to his song "Buttercup" are actually
    "forget it – I'll do it sometime
    i'm locked up on the button"

    It really isn't that big of a deal, but i wanted to share the most accurate of information to help you decode these tik toks a little more
    Jack sings in such a niche way that it's kind of hard to understand him, haha, anyway, i'm not trying to be hateful, just helpful 🙂

    I love you Loey! and these haunted tik tok videos.

  16. Nerdsam. 29 says:

    it's just for fun Oml everybody needs to chill out

  17. the life of serenity says:

    She looks like Alia Peterson though

  18. •red røses• says:

    I just seen that kit tower yesterday

  19. Momo Becenti says:

    Video starts at 3:29. Hope this helps.

  20. Kaylin’s_and_Avas_ rad_ Vlogs says:


  21. Megan K 2 says:

    The writing on the wall behind her reads "sun tan"… I think

  22. Blissxfull Tea says:

    Can u do a video about poppy

  23. Panda Gang says:

    3:28 starts

  24. Aniya Nixon says:

    Maybe on every word she blinked through all her videos is maybe some type of message to how she is or where she is

  25. elizabeth Bergeron says:

    Lmao I mean this is a good story but like she’s just a normal girl that decided to post simple videos and She went viral for it

  26. V I B E Z says:

    Now if were going off by her blinkings to certain songs here’s what I’ve uncovered…

    I am
    Dark skins
    I don’t know
    Lost it
    Claim —-( fame ) I couldn’t hear it that good

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