SiR – Hair Down (Official Video) ft. Kendrick Lamar

SiR “Hair Down” out now:

Director: Jack Begert
Producers: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Sam Canter
DP: Philips Shum
Video Commissioner: Angel Rosa
Creative Director: Karam Gill, SiR, Edgar Moreno
Creative Producer: Her Production
Production Manager: Eric Cook
Production Designer: Haley Appell
Wardrobe Stylist: Dianne Garcia
Editor/VFX: Neal Farmer & Jack Begert
Floating Car VFX: Andrew Finch
Colorist: Jacob McKee
Casting: @LVS.H
A Psycho Films Production

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  1. Sheck Bazeng says:

    Shmoke to it

  2. INSPIRE says:

    3:27 IS A “STILL BLUE” reference.

  3. Christopher Cabrera says:

    That performance at the awards was dope af🔥🔥🔥 #Westside

  4. Anary Vaz says:

    D SMOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Degrate Family says:

    CoryxKenshins coming back and he’s fine

  6. cesar aguirre says:


  7. DOPE TIZZLE says:


  8. Slava Browning says:

    Its almost december who is still going to be vibeing out to this through 2020

  9. Jasmine Fresh says:

    SO dope !!! SO smooth !!!

  10. Chinx Tha Juice says:

    This Mans Voice is Everything ♥️ Ro James & 6lack Vibes ✨

  11. kill cam says:

    I’m an up and coming beat maker any support is appreciated and needed

  12. Imaniushindi Fanga says:


  13. Yuran Fu says:

    apparentlh kendrick did a lot of instrumental work for sir's new album according to genius interview with sir. so yes go listen to sir and you are listening to kendrick as well

  14. Miqueias Jorge says:

    Minha Vibe Portugal

  15. Bree Denise says:

    Vibing smokin, cruisin on repeat.

    Now im in the lead bitch 🤘🤘🤘🤞

  16. Sheryl Hoenigke says:

    Finally real RAP in this channel !!!?
    Thought this was going to be like Slim Jesus, but its actually lit. He aint like Slim Jesus and those lames who just use Authentic Views com to get they views up and go viral… na they all talent

  17. imagine2C says:

    Homegirl wit the fro holding the mirror wit the eyes!!! Duuude! 😍😍😍

  18. Legend Culliver says:

    He remind of de smoke from rythem and flow

  19. Fixyourowncredit.dontbescammed says:

    Him and her and now Sir

  20. MrBabybull42 says:


  21. Alandra WIll says:

    Y is Kendrick hiding 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Zachary Bernard Carlton says:


  23. Cernea Catalina says:

    My friend dropped her new song
    Give it a try

  24. Lucy music says:


  25. Stella Troll says:

    If you don't fuck with this album, you a hypeman for Lil Yachty.?
    Young Dolph go too hard on this, glock spazzing out pure fireee! They iznt like these young trappers just blowin up by usin Authentic views com to go viral smh

  26. Kgotso says:

    uuuuuhhhhhhhhh…….. flames

  27. lashon turner says:


  28. Griselda Padilla says:

    Is it just me or did anyone else think they heard Bad Bunny do that deep voice on 1:54?? 😅

  29. Bibiana says:

    wHOLE mood all dAy

  30. Priscilla Holman says:

    At 1:01 ain’t that D smoke in the drivers seat ?

  31. Jessica Gary says:

    I love this so much!!! ❤️❤️

  32. Grin Stylez says:


  33. Grin Stylez says:


  34. andvndand says:

    I listen to this song everyday …and it makes me sooo happy 🤗🤗😩

  35. Baneta Sutton says:

    I love this

  36. Mehdi A says:

    Maaaaan what a clip lmfaoooooooo too many good things in that xD 👍

  37. Ridhi Soni says:

    i have been listening to this song on repeat since it dropped and I am not planning on stopping any time soon

  38. Stella Troll says:

    wow. hottest shit out period. still got it.. teach these young pussies what real rap is.?
    Thought this was going to be like Slim Jesus, but its actually lit. He aint like Slim Jesus and those lames who just use Authentic Views com to get they views up and go viral… na they all talent

  39. MsVinciii says:

    toooo hot, off the ripe !!!

  40. Badd says:

    d smoke driving the car lol

  41. Homie Homie says:

    Kendrick is too much!

  42. MZ TERIKA DEAN says:

    OMG yasssssss Sir🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  43. No Name says:

    DAMNNNNNNN! This shit is dope! Wow….I just heard this on the radio and had to see who the singer is? KDOT JESUS CHRIST! Good shit. Headed to Spotify hit to support this shit.

  44. Bruna Cristina Santos says:

    Tripppppppppppppppppp BR ha

  45. Mikhaela Rubio says:

    how come dsmoke brother a song withKendrick and dsmoke don’t

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