Singapore Airlines Business Class Review.
Singapore Airlines A350 Business class seat reviews.

Come and fly Singapore Airlines on the A350-900 with me in Business class as we fly from Hong Kong to Singapore.
I love the Business class seats of the A350 from Singapore airlines and i find them very enjoyable, a lot of people don’t like them, but I have no problems with them.

Singapore Airlines is know as one of the best airlines in the world in terms of service and the product they offer. Singapore Airlines Business class is just fantastic no matter how long or short your flight is with them and well worth giving it a try sometime.

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Singapore airlines flight 861
Depart: Hong Kong (HKG)
Arrive: Singapore (SIN)
STD: 3:45pm (ADP: 4:46pm)
STA: 7:45pm (ATA: 8:22pm)
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900
Reg: 9V-SMF
First Flight: 26th Sep 2016
Delivered to Airline: 15th Oct 2016
Seat: 16A
Flight Time: 3h 32M
Meal Service: Dinner

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39 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS Hong Kong to Singapore|Airbus A350-900

  1. This is my favorite type of video from you: with the music, yet covering all aspects. Would like to see this in the latest as well. The voiceover is good and you could balance audio levels to include both.

  2. I don't mind the music, and it's nice that you have a version for those who do. Nice review, and I'd love to fly SQ one day

  3. Another great video James, thank you! Singapore Airlines looks very slick and professional. I've yet to fly with them. I think they operate an A350 from LAX to SIN now so I will give them a try. I must compliment you. You are a gentleman. You always make eye contact with the crew to say "thank you" whenever they do something for you. Class act.

  4. Awesome video my dear friend , sq service is always amazing , the food is sensational
    Love your channels ,lookimg forward to others videos

  5. James? Your numbers could use a boost. It's time to stand out from the crowd and start traveling to Africa and Central/South America.

  6. Nice bird, hoping to score a cheeky Club Europe test flight! Also keen to see how they compare with the 787 with a full economy cabin (aka hell)

  7. Great video. Singapore's service always seems so top notch and high quality. I definitely want to try out their product at some point. One thing I noticed is that foot cubby seems to be in a really awkward spot. I'm thinking that would be uncomfortable for a long haul flight to sleep at an angle like that.

  8. Love Hong Kong, SQ and Singapore Airport so I was happy to see your review! Sorry to say the music really was so irritating and I was unable to turn it off by clicking upper right hand corner as suggested. Nevertheless I just turned off my phone's volume! I am sure other viewers enjoyed the music so it was just me being particular! LOL! SQ really sets the standard for all airlines to aspire to. One just can't get better Flight Attendants and impeccable cabin service! Thanks for another good review. Happy Travels.

  9. I've always wondered why flight reviewers like to announce that center seats are good for couples as if they had no idea that sitting next to one another would be better than sitting across the isle.

  10. Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it but would rather hear some spoken commentary in preference to the written and the music. Interesting Singapore Airlines give out packets of nuts instead of a bowl of nuts. How do they rate compared with other airlines you've flown? Will be flying the A350 with them in Business class later in the year for the first time so I'm pretty excited.

  11. There is something wrong in the description. On top you said you are flying from Singapore to HongKong, down in the trip details it is vice versa!

  12. Another nice report.👍
    I've flown this a350 from IAH to MAN in seat 19 & return 11. Really comfortable seat with excellent feet space. The food was the best I've had in business class. I've not flown Qatar yet which looks awesome too!

  13. Always a dream seeing your business class flights, especially Singapore! I've been looking at [quick, inexpensive] biz class within SE Asia with their 787, I think they use it to/from Saigon. – Red

  14. The music is annoying..! Why didn't you just speak, explain something.. Or turn off the music and let the original sound play..

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