Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – Señorita / May J Lee X Austin Pak Choreography


  1. _jk진 아요미 says:

    0:48–0:52 look at that dude with the red cap lol

  2. Neitha safira says:

    Anyone ship them?

  3. DagiMeLuvULongTime says:

    just so cold of a performance


    Beautiful girls

  5. Bea Manin says:

    she’s on fire boyieeee!!!!!

  6. Jp Angeles says:

    Maja Salvador & Rayver cruz dance choreo is better than this I guess.

  7. 김영훈 says:

    춤보고 감동한적은 처음이네요 멋져요

  8. inocent daryl Suarez says:

    Vice ganda brought me here.. I love Vice ganda's dance

  9. Gusli 23269 says:

    Sou cuutttte

  10. ស្តាប់ ចម្រៀង says:

    1:23 Stealing their videos

  11. Francis Sune says:

    So bad your studio has to be bigger so you guy can have a lot of space

  12. Luis Rognoni says:

    Like si te gustaria bailar esta
    Coreografia con tu crush niegenmelo :v

  13. Roxii Choque says:❤

  14. Carmen Soto says:

    La mejor pareja de coreógrafos. Felicitaciones!!

  15. LoveBamboo corp GRASS straws says:

    Nice but Too fast …a slow sensual dance… Good background too

  16. urduja decampong says:

    1:51 when you trip on your heels

  17. Charvi Verma says:

    I wish it was performed by bong young park and may j lee but with a lot more of emotions which this performance lacked.

  18. C J says:

    Disposable water bottles should be banned from this studio..

  19. amixofcrazy says:

    If she worked on emotions a little she could win the whole of SYTYCD

  20. Irene Galvez says:

    Me encanta no me canso de verlo

  21. Lol Lol says:

    Watching this again and still freaking out over austin 0_0! (Austin you beautiful man)

  22. Celanch says:

    Uuuh te veo UJJN xd

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