Serbia’s gold buying may mean a lot more than you think

Serbia has just joined the ranks of other European central banks and bought nine tonnes of gold, and this could signal a looming economic crisis that the banks are preparing for, said Rory Hall, publisher of The Daily Coin.

“If you look at the central banks and their buying, or their acquiring of all the gold, they’re not acquiring all the gold for souvenirs or trinkets. Gold was moved to a tier one asset last year, so there’s something going on,” Hall told Kitco News.
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  1. Adamah Dirt says:

    That the bible is real.

  2. concern citizen says:

    The 3.3 million oz came from the non existent (paper Gold) sold on the comex. There are currently 114 ozs of paper gold sold against every 1 oz of physical and 201 oz of non existent silver to 1 oz of physical silver. That is how they control the market and the price.

  3. Nick Salomon says:

    If you have any paper gold, sell it RIGHT NOW, while you still can, soon IT WILL BE WORTH NOTHING!!!! No matter what, get the physical stuff, nothing else.

  4. Kenn Bordas says:

    Fun interview, Cheers!

  5. peter wright says:

    whats the difference between dumping tons of gold on the market and trillions of dollars

  6. Jim Hendricks says:

    When a video hits ratio of 100 to 1 likes-to-dislikes (as this one has), I at the very least pay attention to what they're saying. Cheers!

  7. John Doomernik says:

    Great episode Daniella Thank You

  8. Lazar Legenda says:

    Serbia 💪🏼🇷🇸

  9. Clayton Hufford says:

    Great interview.

  10. All I ever hear you say is says:

    Future's market suppressed the price of precious metals.

  11. Joe Morton says:

    @7:38 Why? Because Gold and Silver are "Wonderful"?!?!?! Seriously:WHY? IMHO

  12. Joe Morton says:

    50 tones of gold is A LOT OF GOLD for a little country like Serbia.. I remember they said Libya had 52 tones, and they were an oil exporter! Where is Serbia getting all this surplus to spend on GOLD???!!! According to Wikipdia, the Serbian Economy is in decline.. I don't get it??

  13. margareta tola says:

    there will be wwar

  14. socalsilver says:

    Daniela looks really beautiful today.

  15. Origen says:

    Gold and Daniela what can be better

  16. wizdumb420 says:

    Congratulations, Rory !

  17. William Iannucci says:

    The more time that goes by the more beautiful Danielle becomes. 👍

  18. William Iannucci says:

    So that's what Rory looks like I heard his voice many times on many podcasts but could not Place him and would not be able to place him for his voice does not match the way he looks nice guy

  19. Andrew says:

    Rory,Rory, the answer is really straightforward – it's Bank manipulation.

  20. Ezio393 says:

    Im from Serbia,we dont know anything about that gold buying.

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