37 thoughts on “Self Replicating Alien Probes May Be On Their Way To Earth Right Now!

  1. NZ Maori girl says haere mai 💋😎😋🇳🇿, us Maoris already know how too replicate😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🙃🙃☺️☺️Fact Not Theory 💋💨💨💨💨💨🎆

  2. What does a self replicating ship looks like? What a silly question. Imagine a space ship and belly of 9 month pregnant woman…that's what it look like. Beware of the space swings !!!

  3. Once we crack the signals we'll realise they're all around us and always have been.

    After hearing a rather large one fly over me at very close distance. Hearing an electrical humming, makes me think they're using electromagnetism and using a unknown particle of some sorts, perhaps? Probably signal to each other on the quantum level to.

    We'll crack the code, we always do. It's what is humans do best.
    Someone will have an idea and it'll change our world completely. Imo

  4. They do not need probes they have been here from the pyramid time . And we have found DNA in the human body this is a is a new thing .

  5. I want to add to my previous comment that, a part of the reason why they aren't in open contact with us is because we have too much conflict amongst ourselves, we're the bad, dysfunctional family in the galactic neighborhoods and they don't want us bringing that conflict and corruption to their houses. We must strive to follow that last commandment that Jesus told his disciples before he left them to be crucified, love one another. Once we are living by this commandment they'll accept us.

  6. Unless the beings with advanced technology I had contact with were from this planet, then we were visited by E.T.s. I was abducted when I was a child. My experience (the examination procedures done to me) and my description of the E.Ts who abducted me was just like Betty and Barney Hill's. So, though they haven't made a mass public announcement about their presence or visit, they have visited some of us. Also, I had five implants made of a material that's not from this planet inside my body. There are only four now because I had one removed and when it was examined, it was determined that out wasn't composed of any atomic particle from the periodic table of chemical elements. So, to me and others like me, E.T.'s existence is already a reality of life. You folks are late!

  7. What if there are all knowing civilizations who find the plan to send out bots primitive? This idea only amazes the human mind.

  8. Look at what we have discovered in the last century. Imagine the following century what we will learn. Imagine what is being kept from us from governments, religions, and private kept libraries with most ancient information.

  9. I think what's coming up next will be the double brained human with the double amount of potential exponized to 8+ with a fourth dimensional vision that can finally see and describe how, what we call dark matter in real looks like.
    Only in the fourth-dimensional state possible to see. The double brain will revolutionize all wisdom.

  10. We're talking about total universal take over here. I doubt "aliens" would put up with that. They'd probably destroy all our ships and track us down and eradicate us all so that we don't try that BS again.

  11. sounds like the universe inside us… each cell is its own replicating bot right. taking millions of years to get to the next planet. its all relative.. why the heck do you need a doctorate to figure that out.

  12. Consciousness travels at the speed of thought.

    Elevated consciousness encompasses more of what is.

    Most Earth bound, scientists are looking it all wrong.

    Think Astral Travel for a start, and expand to teleportation.

  13. All this is going to come down to is….AI.. and it already has nothing exactly what we're chasing around once you let. AI ..go by itself.. there's going to be no way for us to control it they will take over everything what do you think Hawking's and you I must keep saying we're not going to be able to control that but knowing us Humanity we're going to have the eagle and say that we can try

  14. …as if 'aliens' have to travel to earth, as if they were not already here, for perhaps longer than humanity… As if it were 'our' planet and we not the aliens who don't belong here.

    Hackneyed presumptions, and their repetitiousness proves a real drag… What if no space-ships needed, because no travel required? What if 'aliens' are instead the natural inhabitants of this place, and we the 'alien' form of life on earth?

    Worse — what if we are not a natural species, but instead an 'alien' and artificial intelligence which is readily recognized by: 1. its inability to co-exist with other forms of intelligence 2. Its innate bigotry, prejudice, and other fallacies derived from a rhetorically-flawed reasoning that we are special. 3. Its tragic imperfections and noticeable lack of higher features of natural life: empathy, intuition, and other features / components superior to the mind.


  15. Actually no but you're very very close see the ships that the beings that come and travel here that are a symbiotic being itself that have a conscious binding relationship with the pilot those are the ones that have the ability to eat minerals and so on draw what it needs for repair and reject everything else that looks like rock or strata how many reports all over the world are there areas where their High mineral content and then all of a sudden there UFOs spotted a reported and then they hear a couple of spits and sputters and a stone falls out perfectly round think about that for a moment now something with a conscious that is actually organic based and blended with metallurgical inorganic properties but still alive with a conscious the ability to take rocks and certain minerals and metals and fuse them and make repairs with nanotechnology on itself and expel the useless waste material from a molten form into a ball being that it rolls around inside of the generator Center few Jewels stage between the ionic generation generator and the static heliosphere interface system which basically fuses everything together as it cools and rolls it into a ball and out it pops the bottom of the ship and think about it there's several areas on the planet where the little tiny spiracles and bigger spiracles are abound and UFOs are seeing over those areas very frequently very often or not even during the daytime think about that too

  16. Ridiculous even embarrassing to hear the narrator saying "scientists say or think why". . Not one human could fathom technology 100 years from now. That "they would most likely this or that" we are as advanced as insect with our fossil fuels, wars, poverty, greed etc. You open your mine enough this really all sounds ridiculous to ask why there hasn't been sightings or communication. They have no interest, do you not see the mockery that is humanity. . Anyone ever think of trying to communicate with a fire ant?

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