See Why the 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade May Not Fly the Iconic Balloons


  1. Missblaak says:


  2. moon bing says:

    RIP barney

  3. spaghet dog says:

    I feel bad becuase i dont eat a thanksgiving meal my family jist buys kfc

  4. VirtualBoy142 says:

    Thanksgiving is right now. But when does the live stream start?

  5. Kamy Alexandra says:

    Where can I watch it live

  6. jarednil69 says:

    Poor Barney!

  7. freedom loving loyalist says:


  8. Romeo Bradds says:

    Should have ways around the shitty wind😩

  9. Patrick Paes says:

    they need to 88 the song and dance about broadway, and off broadway crap just ruins the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

  10. Shoshonna Doty says:

    How about don’t do it because there is a helium shortage happening right now.

  11. CaptainNintendo2 says:


  12. mopthermopther says:

    ABC-Epstein Float

  13. Christopher Poll says:

    Saw the weather: 32 MPH winds tmrw high likelihood they won't join the parade

  14. BEBA Pagán says:

    I love the Thanksgiving day parade, I"ll be at the Philadelphia, Thanksgiving day parade.

  15. eva happy says:


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