Scott Hall invades WCW: Nitro, May 27, 1996

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Scott Hall declares war on WCW.
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  1. Ikram Arif says:

    Dean Ambrose aew debut

  2. Onur Elmacı says:

    Goat heel in wrestling history

  3. sonofagun00 says:

    RIP “Nacho Man”

  4. chris bong says:

    this promo is awful

  5. v b says:

    I wish he didn't have the personal problems he faced. He had potential to be one of the biggest names in wrestling history. If he were champ in WWF he might have drawn more than HBK


    Boy your videos are good but I don't know what to say I like And subscribe so you better like my comment

  7. Aegon Targereyen says:

    The beginning of real Monday night wars

  8. Mike H. says:

    Old school 🏫 memories.

  9. βιβη Π. says:

    That was the greatest heel turn in wrestling history

  10. swag lad says:

    Its a shame we no longer see guys like Scott and instead we are stuck with these boring vanilla midgets

  11. vaanan navin says:

    This is the moment wcw got destroyed…

  12. Yousaf Ihsan1 says:

    This was the begining of the formation of one of the best factions in wrestling history New World Order

  13. Ramadan-_- 123 says:

    Am here

  14. Igor180 says:

    The first step to the greatest Heel turn ever.

  15. Jason King 1381From BKNY says:

    Hey Yo!

  16. Nick Bowden says:

    Back when there was no spoilers and the 90s this generation sucks

  17. Kresien //M says:

    Hey Yo, Chico

  18. Brody Brault says:

    Bring back Dean Ambrose

  19. robert gonzales says:

    wwe please make championship milestone of scott hall thanks

  20. elmagnificodep says:

    Hey yo!!!

  21. yanis s8 says:

    "i go wherever i want , whenever i want."

  22. alex kanyima says:

    Weeks before the NWO exist thanks to the curtain call at MSG and this promo from Scott Hall

  23. TheGISALEGEND says:

    I see what you did there WWE thought let's showcase how an invasion should start but not showcase how it should be done throughout and finish.

  24. raksha thapa says:

    Like NWO
    Comment DX

  25. Jaime Garcia says:

    Easily one of the greatest to have never been wwe champion

  26. Thomas Maughan says:

    I wonder we're all these guys are now

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