Scorpio ~ Soul Deep Messages ~ May 2019 (Intuitive/Channeled Read)

Psychic/Intuitive/Channeled Tarot Readings by Sandy

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  1. Angelita Perez says:

    I nthank you for teaching me a lesson today seriously.

  2. Angelita Perez says:

    I have a very deep spiritual connection with you my lady. We are communicating I know it.

  3. Ms.Benjamin says:

    Prayers up for your boyfriend Sam my dear.

  4. Ms.Benjamin says:

    When I first watched this video it was 1:44. Lol no lie! That is crazy

  5. Melissa Fields says:

    He is sco sun ..pis rising… I am a taurus sun ..Love like no other…i have an amazing story! Going to taurus next 😉

  6. Melissa Fields says:

    This reading is my boyfriend and I. Magic!!

  7. Pretty Witchie says:

    U are killing it

  8. Tina Anda says:

    Prayers for Sam

  9. Tina Anda says:

    You are right my mom passed. You are spot on.

  10. Pamela Faith says:

    Perfect movie for my ex and I 😂

  11. CJ Doma says:

    Beautiful reading, thank you for posting and thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to Sam, hope he gets better soon. 🙏🏻🤗

  12. Monisha Varma says:

    Are you saying this is soulmate
    Or twin flame

  13. Monisha Varma says:

    Need the calmer waters

  14. Dream Doll says:

    I've never come across a reader that has been so absolutely spot on in such intricate ways like you are. I can't even put it into words the way your messages speak to my soul

  15. Dawna x says:

    Thank you so much all of that was so accurate 💕💕 sending Sam healing

  16. Noah Jaxson says:


  17. Ashley Camp says:

    Wait what I’m a twin sister

  18. Hiba says:

    I am that person who is following that story line and i will never give up

  19. Sacred Raven's TarotVision says:

    The 144,000 shows up in scripture in the book revelation. I believe that they come from the 12 tribes. but they are the chosen elect from earth to become rulers alongside the king 👑 in heaven while the rest of humanity will be living in the paradise earth 🌎

  20. Syl Nev says:

    Ok this is TOTALLY resonating with me and my twin 🔥 I am commenting because you said you'd love to hear from me. Feel free to send me a mesage. I'd love to talk to you.

  21. A T says:

    Love the thorough explanation and insight ❤️prayers of healing to Sam 🙏

  22. HKime C says:

    Thank you! Sending Love and Light to you and Sam!

  23. lorena escobar says:

    Wow…. just wow. Mind blown 🤯 you just read me my life 😳 Scorpio Rising.

  24. Melissa Lemieux says:

    When I started watching this it was 2:41am … Interesting, I wander what the 41 means to me?

  25. jonimacaroni hoo says:

    Lol Mr and Mrs Smith is the banter that I have with someone I keep threatening him with death but in a comedic way as a scorpion does , but there is a connection there he's my boss ,I don't take him seriously, thanks for the reading xx

  26. MäXïnë says:


  27. Rochelle George says:

    Prayers for Sam 😍

  28. Carmen Padilla says:

    Thank you for the amazing reading😊😍👍❤

  29. P Delow says:

    You have a relaxing voice

  30. james snell says:

    Dr Jo Dispenza speaks about vibration frequency and our Conscience is vibrating at 144,000 cycles per second according to science- this could be seen as a collective of all human experience or of personal experience outside the senses of limited ego..

  31. reblyn1 says:

    My sag daughter. Sings amazing. I write songs. She succeeds…I succeed.

  32. Zenish Felicia says:

    The God Design, secrets of the mind, body and soul. By Kelly-Marie Kerr

    "144,000 DNA genes within the human organism. "

  33. Children Of The Sun says:

    Carpe' Deim! Blessings to All Humanity!

  34. Peta Darling says:

    Asked and Answered – prayers for Sam , Many blessings to you Sandy – beautiful read as ever. Thank you.

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