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In this video, we discuss the possibility that Bitcoin has bottomed, and reached it’s low for now. We discuss the massive gains we can make, as well as some trades that we can make to be very profitable in today’s market. Many people view Bitcoin with a bleak future, but we can see that the future for Bitcoin has never been so bright.

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.

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36 thoughts on “Scared Of Bitcoin? NOW’S THE TIME TO GET GREEDY! Bitcoin May Have Bottomed – Here’s Why

  1. Yeah the price keeps dipping under the 6.18 retracement. We are going lower… much, much lower. We might not find stability until the price hits $5200. If we can’t get a major rally from there then we are going down to $3000

  2. Why do you think BTC volume is dropping. Please do TA on volume dropping and what will trigger volume to increase back to june/july levels.

  3. Check do you use trade view I'm trying to get new here so I don't know if I should get a membership or not tradeview

  4. I like your TA but there is nothing to support that bitcoin WILL hit $100k. This whole dump has been a massive Longs squeeze.

  5. HEY JEB CHECK THIS OUT I added another EMA to my Daily chart ,10, 21, 50 ,100, 200 and just for the hell of it I added the ( 382 EMA ). very interesting….look at where the 200 and 382 cross on Nov 16, 2018. also where it crossed the 21 cross on May 5, 2019 as well as the 200 cross on june 14, 2019. very interesting…SUPPORT on Sept 26-Oct 22 , 2019. Now I know no one uses it but check it out. I back tested it all the way back. It my tell us when the next big drop might happen or the next rise…LOOK WHERE IT IS TODAY.

  6. 🔴 Guys i Will advice al of you to share good crypto video’s al over the web. Tag friends and bring new people into the space.

    🔴 Best video is: Token Vision: 10 Million Dollar End Game

    🔴 Halving on the horizon

    🔴 less 3M BTC coins over to mine

    🔴 & Big Global Crisis In The Next Year(s)


  7. Nano leaf is a cool decoration on the wall if you have the budget for it, runs about 200? foam for the echo? also, hue lights would be cool for different colors, you could also do a ring light for great lighting on the face. a bunchhhhhh you could do!

  8. You look like a Crack Head Jebb.! Are you spending your Btc on Crack.? All that said I love your channel and only trade on your TA. The only person that is spot on. Keep up the great work. Long time listener and follower. You will make me "RICH".!!!

  9. I do think we could consolidate here, I talk about in my video how we could go lower but there could also be a big bounce soon

  10. When 8MA crosses above the 13MA on the weekly I'll get back in. Until then no way. I've learned over this past two years to NEVER rely on hopium.

  11. You're saying the evidence that the naysayers are wrong about your interpretations is that Bitcoin is, sure enough, holding at 7200. But if I'm not mistaken, you haven't said anything about that number in the last few days. Aren't you picking out patterns that "predicted" what's going on, and disregarding those that didn't?

  12. WELL IT'S ALMOST 2020, I'm in dubai and was really looking for someone who could show me the ropes, i came across my mentor Aleksandrov dimkovic and he advised bitcoin mining would be very much profitable more during this time, well he helped me mine over 0.5btc to 1btc in just a week, to be honest there are just a few of this real guys mining bitcoin..

  13. only 6-month retracement and it's going to stop? last time we go form the top at dec 2017 goes all the way to march 2019 to start the bull market , still too early, and this time government and wall street comes in , they are going to do to bitcoin what they do to gold , use cash settle future stuff to short and control the price. wait for Dec 9th to find out how bakkt cash future is going to dump this again .

  14. Um I missed the information on how BTC is going to hit 100k next halving? How is that possible considering we are still in a bear market?

  15. If you buy a 1.4, then it's gonna be that useful for your facecam. I'm just saying. I'm recording with a normal lens (12-25mm) on a GH80. Which comes out as a 24-50mm on a fullframe. If you go for the 1.4 aperture, then I seriously hope the EOS is quick refocusing on your eyes because everything, apart of the eyes of course, will be creamy, blurry, and totally out of focus. 😀

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