The Galaxy Fold is here for its official durability test! See what your phone looks like with the new Robot Skin HERE: The Galaxy Fold was announced about a year ago, but then over the course of that year, the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed for quite a while because of structural issues. The screen wasn’t strong enough, and dust was getting inside the device. So Samsung canceled their customers preorders, added a few new slight design changes, and here we are, almost a year after the first announcement, with Version 2 of the Galaxy Fold.

Is this new version of the Galaxy Fold stronger than the original? Is it strong enough for every day life? Today we will find out with a Samsung Galaxy Fold durability test. We are going to see what the Fold is made out of, and see how soft the inner screen is. And maybe find out why so many of them were breaking in the first place.

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40 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! – Is it STILL fragile?!

  1. Two minutes of silence for Samsung being stupid enough to insist on this failure of a design. I want my phone to be a convenience not a 24/7 stress inducer. This is stupid. Samsung must go out of business if they're going to deliver such useless designs

  2. My question is, why are they making phones bigger?
    And why do they need to make it foldable and resemble a tablet? To me that's pretty weird tbh with you. Because honestly all I need is a phone that can text and call..I can use my tablet or computer for everything else. That's just me

  3. Apple started planning for a foldable phone 2 years ago and decided to patent it in 2019 but watch IF they come out with one that’s damn near perfect everyone is going to be like “android had it first” but android is a operating system and every other phone wasnt…… damn near perfect. 🙃

  4. lol if this were made by Apple for the same price, you know JRE would have taken the biggest shit on it left and right, and wouldn’t even have bothered asking the question at the end. Being a Samsung/Android though, he was far more forgiving.

  5. what ppl would have said if apple would have release this prototype sold like if it's market ready … can't believe some ppl will put more than 2000$ on this $hiT

  6. Just because u developed foldable display doesn't mean u should directly apply it to consumer goods, especially such a competitive one like the smartphone industry.

  7. Wow. If apple had released this nightmare, you better believe jerryrig would’ve had something VERY different to say. What an absolute joke

  8. This phone is way too fragile for a daily driver dust will eventually fuck hinges and the screen is laughable. This will forever be a prototype until technology catches up.

  9. A phone where the screen is not 100% protected by glass is insta-fail for me (I won't even put up with plastic screen protectors – they must be glass), but a foldable phone seems pretty pointless to me anyway.

  10. idiots, are those who think Samsung is an innovative company.
    idiots, are those who think folding phone is the future of the smart phones.
    idiots, are those who think Samsung make their best product for the customers.
    Idiots, are those who think Samsung is better than Apple.


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