RX 5700 vs RTX Super – Should AMD OR NVIDIA Be Worried?

The NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super and RTX 2060 Super will soon find themselves in benchmarks against the RX 5700 XT and RX 5700. But which will end up the winner? We ended up doing a quick and fun little experiment before the RX 5700 review by using AMD’s own public performance numbers to see how things MIGHT line up. But we’ll know how accurate these projections are in a few days. 😉
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  1. sixbrains says:

    Hello, thanks for your videos I learn a lot, I want to know if u think that a RX5700 XT is a better graphic card than a 2070 super nvidia, talking about adobe workflow, you know about cuda cores that adobe uses and this is exclusive from nvidia, but now with this benchmarks I don't know if AMD nos es better than NVIDIA for creation content. Thanks from Colombia I follow your channel, nice job!

  2. Zsavage1 says:

    I agree with you…I just would like someone to do and show some REAL WORLD testing instead of these generic benchmarks… and also the new 5700's are on new drivers.. just wait till they get them dialed in.. 🙂 I had a 1080 and sold it a week later.. my other system with an RX580 beat the snot out of it in real world .. 3 monitors 5760×1080 and more so in VR.. WMR headset.. it killed the 1080.. was getting stutter, and artifacts with the 1080.. so bad sometimes and the FPS drop offs were just to a point where it was unplayable.. so I am looking forward to see even 2 RX 5700's in crossfire 🙂 that right now would be $359.99 x 2 vs ..$1,294.99  for a RTX 2080ti… lol

  3. Dark Phoenix says:

    Here in Canada the 2070S is $200 more than the 5700XT so for me it's a no brainer to go with AMD as it competes very well with Nvidia. Too bad AMD doesn't make another card that equal the 2080 at a lower price. I think Nv is gouging consumers so I'd switch to AMD just to give Nv the finger.

  4. J. T. says:

    This video is no longer relevant

  5. Darwin Jake Cabrera says:

    I have no liquid cooling and using Ryzen 7 2700. Should i use RTX 2060s or RADEON 5700XT?

  6. Boranold Learner says:

    I mostly play rainbow six siege, does anyone know if rainbow supports ray tracing?

  7. Alpaka Whacker says:

    It should also be noted that the RTX 2070 Super is essentially just a re-branded RTX 2080 but not quite as powerful. Still a good performance boost compared to the original 2070 and because the 2070 Super is a re-branded 2080, it means that the 2070 Super now comes equipped with NVLink (SLI) compatibility which the 2070 previously did not have

  8. Shanto Das says:

    if intel goes 7nm amd good bye

  9. Lyle says:

    Holy moly, and here i was just about to buy a founders edition card (the GTX ones) or either a titan or used 1080 ti, that was close! i just saw the comments.

  10. Bert Battersby says:

    I it was a fair comparison, But the bottom line is what is it going to cost the consumer in the end game or at the check out register !

  11. Dot Tale says:

    ur accent does not match u at all man ..u look indian

  12. FaDezZ says:

    2:07 on 15% there is a missing +

  13. Невада большевик says:

    3:14 LOL. AMD needs to learn how to science. "Hey guyz, lets change a variable on the control group. lul,okay."

  14. Micropoint says:

    Super ?

    Super pricey ? ….

  15. Shaggy says:

    RTX 2070: $450
    RTX 2070S: $500
    RTX 2060: $350
    RTX 2060S: $400
    RX 5700: $350
    RX 5700XT: $400

  16. HYDRA I GAMING says:


  17. yogalD says:

    Should AMD OR NVIDIA Be Worried?


  18. Fabio Sun says:

    Holy fuck , the RX 5700 XT AT 349 dollars is THE NEW BEST PRICE PERFORMANCE… wow !!! :O

  19. Spook84 says:

    Those dropped prices should help

  20. benshivd says:

    "AMD claims"

  21. Katie Adams says:

    Looks like I might get the AMD instead of the super RTX series

  22. Ghost Dragon says:

    i'm getting rx 5700xt

  23. QuinceOnWheels says:

    You have to also acknowledge that if you're buying a monitor as well, you'd be saving even more money on a Freesync display over G-Sync. Can't wait for actual benchmarks!

  24. Bobcat665 says:

    Price cuts on the Navi cards right before launch!

  25. Liquid Übermacht says:

    For me, as a owner of a 1080Ti these cards are not interesting for me

  26. LanLock Gaming says:

    sit here an watch an entire video of comparison and at the end you say take it with a grain of salt ??? give me a fucking break.

  27. Ryan T.A says:

    so the RTX 2060S is still the new best at a 399$ price point!

  28. KrypticRabbit says:

    why am i watching this when i just bought an RTX 2080ti

  29. yotaplaysgames says:

    there is no way amd putting these fps when released in side by side test

  30. Highly Intelligent Individual says:

    I'm getting the RX 5700 XT.

  31. Zera Tul says:

    I feel robbed from Nvidia. People who bought rtx from release until may feel scammed and it is outrageous. Buying a car for 10k then release a NEWER AND BETTER version of that car AFTER 6 months for 8k.Feelsangryman.

  32. Durok Subaka says:

    Incredibly too many disclaimers if you're not going to use science to compare why are you comparing them no sub here

  33. Aaron Kang says:

    When the rtx supers release is only going to be the FE?

  34. elosant says:

    Great, now the prices of used vegas and 1080tis are gonna get even lower.

  35. Lance Mccarthy says:

    Amd and nivida are price fixing they are pretty much the Same price and everything else

  36. Zezo Mansour says:

    Amd gonna hurt Nvidia now

  37. MrMeoow91 says:

    AMD would still be laughing all the way to the bank because both of next-gen XBOX and Play Station will be equipped with AMD hardware through and through. Most people would not have the money to get a full Gaming PC, sales would always lead to Consoles. I don't think AMD would even care that much.

  38. MSTWNTED says:

    I think people are the only ones should be worried and about their price,

  39. matthew west says:

    It was executed poorly brah

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